Category Management

The scope we cover is divided into seven main categories and a number of subcategories.

Food, Catering & Travel Retail
Food and Beverage; Catering and Laundry; Perfume and Cosmetics; Liquor, Tobacco, Confectionary.

Road and Rail Transport and Sea Freight, e.g. Haulage Services.

Road and Terminal Equipment; Consumables, Maintenance and Fuel.

Technical Marine
Engines; Lubricating Oil; Paint; Navigation and Communication Equipment; Dry-docking; Service and Repair; Safety and Security Equipment.

IT, FMS and Corporate
IT & Communication; Facility Management; Consulting Services; Work Wear/Uniforms; Back Office Supplies and Travel.

Fuel oil and gasoil contracts for vessels, bunker analysis services.

Ports & Stevedoring
Stevedoring, mooring/ unmooring, Port agreements, Tugboats, Terminal Rent, Harbour Agreements.