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We provide logistics and supply chain solutions for the chemical industry in Europe. Enjoy the benefits of a dedicated industry expert team, specialized equipment, high-frequency shipping schedules and digital technology to support your business.

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With a fleet of Ro-Ro, Ro-Pax, container vessels and logistics routes across Europe, DFDS provides access for the chemical industry to one of Europe’s most comprehensive freight shipping and logistics networks.

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  • CIDX Chem eStandards for real time integration
  • SQAS registration and CEFIC certification
  • Safety-conscious solutions to optimize your supply chains
  • Quay to quay services on shippers own equipment

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Delivering safety-conscious solutions

Proportionately the transportation costs of the chemical industry are higher than most other industries, averaging 25% of total cost of goods sold. DFDS recognizes the challenges facing the industry and have tailored our safety-conscious solutions to optimize our customers' supply chains. DFDS offers flexible solutions that are high frequency and provide reduced inventory and lead-times.

Your hazardous cargo in safe hands

Our expert chemicals industry team fully understands your needs. We can easily adapt to your demands, offering not only traditional transport services, but also innovative and tailor-made solutions.

We offer freight management and reverse logistics services, SQAS registration and CEFIC certification, as well as CIDX Chem eStandards supporting a full range of real time integration possibilities.

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Equipment designed for your needs

  • Asset-based 3PL solutions including own vessels, trains, trailers, terminals, containers and swap bodies.
  • Warehousing, order picking and distribution.
  • Innovative cassette and equipment based solutions optimizing payload and cargo care.


​​Digital tools to optimize your business​​

  • IT solutions supporting supply chain optimization.
  • A dedicated DFDS Control Tower can manage the entire process end-to-end.
  • We offer EDI (Electronic Data Interchange) solutions to increase efficiency in data management.
  • Our user-friendly booking systems My DFDS Logistics and My DFDS Freight will help you to create, edit and track your bookings quickly and easily.​


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