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Project cargo

We provide logistics and supply chain solutions for the project cargo industry in Europe. Enjoy the benefits of a dedicated industry expert team, specialized equipment, high-frequency shipping schedules and digital technology to support your business.

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With a fleet of Ro-Ro, Ro-Pax, container vessels and logistics routes across Europe, DFDS provides access for the project cargo industry to one of Europe’s most comprehensive freight shipping and logistics networks.

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  • Lifting equipment and storage facilities for project cargo
  • A modern fleet of Ro-Ro, sideport and container vessels
  • Barge and rail connected terminals with ideal position
  • Innovative mega cassette and equipment solutions

“We are confident in DFDS for their professionalism. We choose the Immingham - Cuxhaven route as this is the most expedient way of moving our locomotives abroad. We have moved about 15 locomotives already, with another two to go within the next couple of months."

Simon Grego,
Supplier Development Engineer in Freightliner​​

Lifitng a train for transportation

Moving the unmovable

Cargo with extreme dimensions requires tailor-made transport solutions and it’s beneficial when this is done as far as possible by one operator which organises the transport from A to B.

The majority of DFDS ports offer multiple destinations, making it easy for cargo to have ‘connecting departures’ and to be moved from one route to another. From sea to road, delivery made easy for your heavy cargo.


Your cargo in good hands

Our dedicated and experienced employees leave no room for error. We ensure professional terminal handling, storage and transportation of small, medium and large project cargo and break bulk cargo.

Taking advantage of the network, knowing our partners and offering the best alternative are the three main reasons for letting DFDS move the unmovable. We can offer one transport package and take a heavy weight off your shoulders.

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Equipment tailored to your needs  

  • Asset-based 3PL and 4PL solutions.
  • Comprehensive Northern European shipping and terminal network.
  • Barge and rail connected terminals with ideal position to serve all relevant areas in Northern Europe.
  • A modern fleet of vessels consisting of Ro-Ro, sideport and container vessels.
  • Innovative mega cassette and equipment solutions, optimizing payload and cargo care.
  • Lifting equipment and storage facilities for project cargo.


​​Digital tools to optimize your business​​

  • We offer EDI (Electronic Data Interchange) solutions to increase efficiency in data management.
  • Our user-friendly booking systems My DFDS Logistics and My DFDS Freight will help you to create, edit and track your bookings quickly and easily.​


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You can specify your transport needs and we will provide you with a rate, according to your cargo size, type and delivery details.

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