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Medals for the Ark Futura crew

8 May, 2017 Copenhagen
In 2016 Ark Futura transported chemicals out of Libya for destruction in Germany.

The mission was led by the Danish Navy. DFDS has an agreement with the Navy about supplying ship capacity for the transport of military equipment and goods. Ark Futura did so well that Frank Trojahn, Danish Chief of Naval Staff, awarded Captain Lars Gade Olsen and First Engineer Karsten O Andersen a medal last Tuesday as representatives of the entire crew.

Last Tuesday the Danish Chief of Naval Staff, Frank Trojahn, awarded Captain Lars Gade Olsen and Chief Officer Søren Løwenstein a medal. The two officers represented the entire crew of Ark Futura and they earned the medals by transporting chemicals out of Libya. Chief Officer Søren Løwenstein is in the background with a proud Niels Smedegaard.

This happened at an event at the Danish Shipowners' Association where the naval command, the heads of the Ark Project, representatives from the Danish naval vessel, Absalon, the Frogman Corps, DFDS, the Danish Shipowners' Association, the broker and others celebrated the crew of Ark Futura.

"I am proud that the Danish Navy in collaboration with DFDS and Ark Futura was able to complete this important mission successfully and at very short notice. The Ark Project has once again proved its importance for our ability to intervene in missions such as this one," Frank Trojahn said. He also mentioned how important efficient ships and capable crews are for these types of missions.

In the beautiful rooms of the Danish Shipowners' Association from the left: Jens B Bach, Chief of the Danish Frogman Corps, Captain Lars Gade Olsen, Chief Officer Søren Løwenstein, Niels Smedegaard, Anne H Steffensen, Director General and CEO of the Danish Shipowners' Association and Frank Trojahn, Danish Chief of Naval Staff.  

DFDS' CEO Niels Smedegaard praised the crew. “It almost goes without saying that you make us proud. Even though we only operate one route in the Mediterranean, it is our presence there that has given us the most positive global attention and featured on the TV news. With your participation in the Libya mission you remind us all that we have another purpose than to merely get up in the morning, go to work and make money. You remind us how we can use our ships to help make the world a better place and improve the lives of people.”

Niels Smedegaard also thanked the Danish Armed Forces for "the fantastic Ark project that enables us to cooperate on always important missions."

Peder Gellert, EVP Shipping Division, who manages the agreement with the Danish Armed Forces, presented an original drawing, which was made in connection with a newspaper article about the project to Captain Lars Gade Olsen for the ship, and Commander s.g. Jens Bjørnsteen.

The ship's captain, Lars Gade Olsen, expressed his gratitude for the medals and he thanked the support vessels from the Danish Navy and the British Royal Navy for their close cooperation. "When I got the assignment as captain of the ship, it was sailing peacefully between Marseille and Tunisia, so we were surprised when we were given this mission, but we felt safe during the entire mission due to the exceptional support vessels," he said. All crew members will receive personal recognition.

Ark Futura was also used to transport chemicals out of Syria in 2014, and the ship assisted in the fight against the Ebola virus by transporting vehicles to West Africa in 2015.

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