Forest logistics

Efficient freight solutions for forestry products

Forest products

DFDS – Your #1 forest logistics expert

At DFDS, we provide forest logistics from trading, storage and processing of by-products such as woodchips or sawdust directly from sawmills to industrial wood straight from the forest.

Our company has decades of expertise in wood logistics and can assure safe transportation of your forest products from collection to the delivery point. We handle small quantities as well as large volumes, so you can count on us for any type of forest products. 

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Ship wood products with DFDS

We provide services for paper reels and pallets, pulp bales, sawn timber, plywood boards, and chipboards. We also offer value-added services like weighing, packing, re-packing, repair, labelling, and quality control.

Whatever the nature, size or speed of your logistics operation, DFDS' dedicated forest industry teams will always offer a forest products transport solution that suits your needs.

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Transporting forestry products with ease

  • Asset-based 3PL solutions including own vessels, trains, trailers, terminals, containers, and swap bodies 

  • A modern fleet of vessels consisting of Ro-Ro, sideport and container vessels, and multimodal solutions 

  • Innovative mega cassette and equipment solutions that optimise payload and cargo care 

  • Rail and road distribution services – flatbed transport 

  • Dedicated terminal, cross-docking, and warehouse facilities

Forest products

Digital tools for forest logistics

If you decide to use our digital tools to track your forest products you will get:

  • A dedicated DFDS control tower to manage the forest products logistics process 

  • Real-time tracking for your forest cargo 

  • Streamlined IT solutions for quicker forest cargo processing in the destination terminal 

  • EDI (Electronic Data Interchange) solutions, for more efficient data management 

  • A user-friendly booking system that helps you to create, edit, and track your bookings

  • An Online Warehouse Management System (WMS) Empirika to keep tabs on stock

  • A modern tracking that allows both the unit and the trailer to be independently tracked

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