We are on our way towards carbon-free transport


Accelerating the shift to electric road transport

We understand how important it is to reduce carbon emissions as quickly as possible, and we are well underway with our transition to electric road transport. The transition, however, cannot be carried out alone. It requires the right infrastructure and cooperation across various areas of society. We are therefore working with partners like Volvo Trucks to improve the collaboration between governments, businesses, suppliers and customers and speed up the shift to electric road transport.

Volvo electric trucks agreement

Volvo Trucks: The beginning of a green era on the road

In collaboration with a longtime partner, we have officially welcomed the first fully electric trucks to our road fleet. Volvo Trucks’ delivery of electric trucks marks a significant milestone in our effort to phase out fossil-fuel vehicles from our service. With the collaboration ongoing, we expect more electric trucks in service in the near future as we work to create a carbon-free road fleet.

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shore power

Shore power in Copenhagen

Working together with Copenhagen Malmö Port and Actemium, we have established a shore power facility at our ferry terminal in Copenhagen. The facility enables our passenger ferries to shut off their engines while in port, which will significantly reduce carbon emissions, cut noise pollution and create an all-around better harbor environment. Joint shore power facilities at our Gothenburg and Oslo terminals, the Copenhagen project is the latest in an ongoing initiative to electrify our terminals and create more sustainable transit hubs.

Electric trucks

Electric trucks

Shore power

Shore power

Charging stations

Charging stations




On our way to a sustainable future

Our commitment to electromobility is part of our larger commitment to a carbon-free future. Through innovation and partnership, we are working to reduce our carbon emissions by 45% by 2030 and to become carbon neutral by 2050. In conjunction with other initiatives, our effort to develop more and more electromobility solutions plays a key role in immediately reducing carbon emissions and helping us take steps towards a sustainable future.

DFDS colleagues at a computer screen

Collaboration is key

We work with entrepreneurs, universities, scientists, companies, academia, NGOs and public institutions in partnerships to develop radical, innovative, and sustainable business and financing models, and attract talented new employees.

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Comparing Energy Efficiency

DFDS Volvo truck, cropped

Partnering up with Volvo Trucks

DFDS freight vessel

DFDS installs smart gates for autonomous vehicles

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