Fruit and vegetable transportation

Keep your fruits and vegetables fresh with DFDS


Efficient logistics for fruits and vegetables

At DFDS we specialise in handling transportation and storage of fruits and vegetables from the biggest exporters, growers and importers, with special expertise in delivering to the UK & across the EU wholesale markets. Our clients trust us when it comes to delivering their cold chain products because we’re the best in our industry and we pride ourselves with:

  • Safe transportation and storage of fresh produce

  • On-time delivery

  • Real-time track and trace solutions

Fruit and vegetables

Transportation of fruits and vegetables in reefer containers

Fruits and vegetables need to be transported in a specific time-frame to remain fresh and good for consumption. Unlike frozen fruits and vegetables, fresh harvested produce has a limited time of transportation.

At DFDS we run daily departures from all big producers in Europe and transport fruits and vegetables on time, in excellent condition, and always at the right location. Our vehicles are designed to carry fresh produce and also frozen produce at the required temperatures. We transport avocado, frozen berries, frozen potatoes, pies, vegetarian and vegan food (substitutes for meat).


Preserving fruits and vegetables in cold storage warehouses

In our cold storage warehouses we keep fruit and vegetables at the right temperature until it’s time for them to be loaded and transported to the end customer. Our experienced personnel knows everything about the fresh produce industry and can offer the best solutions in terms of materials, equipment and facilities.

We provide dual temperature storage solutions for both short and long term. Fruit and vegetables are temperature sensitive and can easily get spoiled if they’re not kept at the right temperature. We will make sure your products are kept at the right temperature to keep the cold chain unbroken.

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Sustainable fruit and vegetable packaging

Fresh produce is a real challenge when it comes to packaging materials because after harvesting the fruit and vegetables continue to respire. Selecting the right type of packaging for the products is crucial, because it extends their shelf life.

Fruit and vegetables packaging has different roles in B2B and retailer-to-consumer delivery. In urban areas spoilage occurs most of the time during the retailer-to-consumer exchange while in the rural area it occurs at the farms to retailers exchange. At DFDS we offer packaging solutions for fruit and vegetables, to extend their shelf life and avoid spoilage.

Loading a refrigerated truck with cold goods

FAQs about fruit and vegetable transportation

There are three main transportation options for fruits and vegetables that we offer. By road, rail, and sea.

Drying, canning, curing and salting, freezing, and conventional storage are the five methods for storing vegetables and fruit. The method chosen is determined by the type of produce, the desired quality, and the storage facilities available.

Transportation of fruits and vegetables in cardboard crates is the most used option. Depending on the type of produce, if it is fresh or frozen we use special packaging solutions.