Refuse-derived fuel (RDF)

RDF sidevessel

License to move 325, 000 tonnes per year via RDF compound


Delivery of 4000 tonnes per shipment


Collection on trailers in the UK with no extra handling


Transhipment of 80 – 100 tonnes directly to our vessel

Quote & Book

Quote and book shipments, track and trace your cargo as well as manage all your documents in one place.

DFDS employee

Experience in RDF

DFDS’ team of refuse-derived fuel (RDF) industry experts fully understands your demands and will suggest the best option for your RDF cargo.

DFDS will also offer collection from producer and delivery directly to Energy from Waste (EfW) plant. We will be able to transport 27 tonnes per load depending on bale size and weight.

RDF delivery by sea

We offer freight shipping solutions for your refuse-derived fuel (RDF) cargo. Our freight shipping solutions include transhipment onto cassette via our Ro/Ro vessels, we can carry 80-100 tonnes per load and delivery by standard trailer or walking floor. This solution is supported between Sweden and the UK. In addition, we ship RDF cargo from the UK to Fredrikstad and Oslo on DFDS’ side port vessel. We can carry 4000 tonnes per shipment and deliver directly to the quayside.

RDF on Lysvik

RDF delivery by road

DFDS provides door to door trailer deliveries for refuse-derived fuel (RDF). Apart from freight shipping solutions, DFDS provides logistics solutions for RDF, which covers Swedish, Norwegian, Danish, Dutch and German markets.

We can ensure a constant daily flow of standard inbound trailers. Our RDF industry experts handle your cargo via warehouse and place it directly on mega cassette if your RDF cargo needs to be shipped.

RDF by road

RDF network

DFDS provides access for the refuse-derived fuel (RDF) industry in Sweden, Norway, Denmark, Holland and Germany.

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