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Part load transport

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What does part load mean?

A part load shipment varies in size and is often difficult to categorise. Even though demand for part load transport is high, it can be surprisingly difficult to find a company willing to carry out part load transport at a reasonable rate.

It often means driving a half-empty vehicle to carry out the job if you don’t have enough items to fill it, which comes at a cost for the transport provider. In some cases, even if you do find a transport company offering part load delivery, you will have to expect long waiting times for pick-up or delivery.

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What we offer

Our part load transport service is perfect for people who want their items to be treated with care and professionally transported but don’t have enough to fill a standard truck or container.

Whether you have a less than a trailer load (LTL) or a less than a container load (LCL), our set-up and expertise will ensure that your part load will arrive in perfect condition, every time.

Our ferry routes on a fixed schedule, keep things moving at great speed.

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Logistics solutions

Flexible across road, rail, and sea

DFDS’s transport portfolio includes both ambient and temperature-controlled units. With our multimodal capabilities, industry-specific expertise and valuable experience across road, rail and sea, we offer a flexible, pan-European part-load transport and logistics service.

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Right equipment for your part load

Whatever your transportation and logistics requirements, DFDS works closely with you to get you exactly what you need. We make sure we have the right equipment to optimise your loading capacity, whether by volume, weight, or pallet. Our equipment includes: reefer equipment, dry cargo trailers, swap-bodies, containers.

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Please let us know the dimensions of your part load shipment in as much detail as possible, as well as your desired dates, to help us provide you with the best value quotes possible. 

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Discover the DFDS Way

Our customers tell us that they value our dedication, reliability, and industry-specific knowledge. Discover how our part load transport services could make your business more efficient.

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