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The nation’s capital and home to the British monarchy, London is the soundest base to discover the heritage of the royal family.

London attracts millions of visitors yearly that come to learn more about the royal family. Locations such as Buckingham Palace, Hampton Court Palace and Westminster Abbey are the perfect starting points to uncover the extraordinary heritage of the royal family of England.

Here are some places to visit during your next stay in London…

Windsor castle sunset

Windsor Castle and Great Park

Though a short drive from London, Windsor is an imperative stop when discovering the heritage of the British monarchy.

Windsor Castle is a medieval fortress, built in the 11th century, and the residence of the royal family. The architecture is particularly impressive, and the castle boasts a collection of 300,000 books, 300 fireplaces and 400 clocks.

Windsor Great Park is nearly 2,000 hectares large and can be discovered on foot or by horse-drawn carriage. This park is a romantic place to visit and offers a beautiful walk between 500-year-old oaks.

The Tower of London

The tower of London

Another must-see stop on your visit is the Tower of London. This historic fortress on the banks of the Thames played an important role in English history. You can see it yourself and take a look at the crown jewels in their famed exhibition. If you book early, you could even get tickets to see the Ceremony of the Keys, an event that occurs daily and dates back to the 14th century.

North London

Kensington Palace and Hyde Park

Kensington Palace was the royal residence of Charles and Diana, but more recently of Kate and William. Here you can admire collections of royal ceremonial costumes, splendid halls and the famous King's Gallery.

Finally, head to the most famous and biggest park in London. Separated from Kensington by the Serpentine, an artificial lake, Hyde Park is a haven of greenery in central London and has hosted many exceptional concerts.

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