Exclusive Offers

Ski holidays with DFDS - save 10%

Exclusive Offers

Skii holidays - save 10%

The annual skiing holiday is one of the family's highlights, so why not start your holiday in the best way? As a member of the DFDS Corporate Club you can now save 10% on the standard cabins when you start your holiday to Norway - and you can bring your car for 0, -. On the ship you can look forward to cozy dinners, relaxation and entertainment for both children and adults as you prepare to take the ski slopes. When you arrive in Oslo, there are only a few hours drive to the well-known ski resorts in Norway and Sweden.

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Winter family holiday Norway

Holiday at sea

For many families, the skiing holiday is the best tradition of the year because it provides a break from everyday life and because it is filled with coziness, good laughs and fantastic nature experiences. But for many, the skiing holiday also means a tightly packed car, long Swedish motorways and many hours of boredom in the back seat! However, it doesn't haveto be so!

Start the skiing holiday aboard the Oslo boat and let us transport you to Norway easily and safely. The children can play in the ship's pool, while mom and dad refuel in the tax-free shop and in the evening the whole family can enjoy a nice dinner in the ship's restaurants. When the fatigue arrives, the cabin is ready for a good night's sleep, so you'll arrive rested in Oslo the next morning - ready for further skiing adventures.

Skiing in Norway

Sking in Norway

Norway is among the Danes' favorite ski destination! Norway offers world-class slopes for the whole family to ski. Here you are guaranteed snow and beautiful nature experiences, and regardless of your level or desires for the slopes, here you will have a chance to try your hand at the smooth boards. If you go to Hemsedal, Hafjell, Trysil, Geilo or one of the other popular destinations, they are all just a few hours drive from Oslo.

Skiing in Scandinavia, Finland - Salla

Skiing in Sweden

The Oslo boat is not only for skiing guests to Norway, because in fact several of the good ski resorts in Sweden are also only a few hours drive from the dock where the Oslo boat is located. Just like in Norway, in Sweden you also get absolutely perfect surroundings for skiing - and with DFDS you can easily grab the shortcut to the popular Sälen, Branäs or Kläppen.

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