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At JazzCruise you can experience a number of artists, each offering their own interpretation of the jazz genre. Take a cruise that gives you a very special and present music experience in the wine bar's cozy surroundings.

The concerts start at 20.30 in Red + White Wine Bar on the 8th deck and presented in collaboration with Low-fi concerts.

[6. februar 2022 - Sahra da Silva]

Sahra de Silva takes you to a universe of blue tones. With references to Aretha Franklin, Etta James and Billie Holiday, Sahra de Silva's strong vocals move in the field between evocative soul, rocket blues and soft jazz phrasings. Last year, Sahra de Silva released the album #Blueswoman with a mix of her own compositions and reinterpretations of old classics.

JazzCruise with Sahra da Silva lasts from 6.-8. February 2022. The concert is the first night on board.

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[6. marts 2022 - Dennis Pashkevich & Christian Frank]

Experience an evening in a relaxed, lyrical jazz atmosphere when the award-winning musicians Dennis Pashkevich and Christian Frank give a concert in the wine bar. Their unique sound exudes both American and Nordic jazz tradition, with inspiration from Miles Davis, John Coltrane and Bill Frisell. The duo has released 4 albums and has played concerts in the Nordic and Baltic countries.

JazzCruise with Dennis Pashkevich (Sax/Electronics) & Christian Frank (Guitar) lasts from 6.-8. March 2022. The concert is the first night on board.

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[3. april 2022 - Julie Lind]

Julie Lind has a charming and sweet embrace of the jazz genre. The music has a romantic tone, with references to Melody Gardot. Julie Lind's own compositions range from love stories to thoughts of independence and loneliness. Join us for an evening of soft, pleasant jazz tones.

JazzCruise with Julie Lind lasts from 3-5. April 2022. The concert is the first night on board.

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[1. maj 2022 - Lone Boyd]

Lone Boyd has a laid-back elegance in her jazz universe that sends thoughts toward Stacey Kent. With a musical expression characterized by an understated tone, sharp timing and melancholy sweetness. Experience an evening with Lone Boyd as she performs jazz that excels in the art of hint.

JazzCruise with Lone Boyd lasts from 1-3. May 2022. The concert is the first night on board.

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