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Cruise to Tivoli

An all inclusive visit to Tivoli

Go on a magical journey with those you love and visit great Tivoli Gardens, the heart of Copenhagen and the biggest attraction! A total of 654 unique experiences await you in the park, and one day is unlike any other day. Tivoli is not only known for its carousels and roller coasters, but also for its great seasons, unique restaurants, games, food hall and delicious sweets.

Daily Crossings

2 nights onboard

Excellent onboard facilities

Almost 7 hours to experience the magic of Tivoli

Several great and unique experiences included

Included in the Tivoli all inclusive package

  • Entrance to Tivoli
  • Tour pass with unlimited driving (incl. VR glasses for the demon)
  • Entrance to the Aquarium
  • Picture from a walk, or a balloon
  • Lunch including one drink (set menu & 1 mineral water, beer or glass of wine)


  • You must be at least 132 cm tall to run the Demon
  • Tour picture can be selected from the Demon, the Mine, the Flying Suitcase, the Veteran Cars or the Riding Path.
  • Lunch - you can choose from over 20 different restaurants in Tivoli.

Important when ordering

  • Remember to print out your travel confirmation from DFDS as it will be exchanged for the all inclusive package upon arrival at Tivoli's main entrance.
  • Be sure to enter the date of the day you are in Tivoli at step 5 when booking.
  • When booking your cruise below, the arrival date in Copenhagen must be entered for your all inclusive package. Remember that Tivoli is not open all year. You can find information about the seasons and opening hours here.

Play and fun onboard

On board are activities for both small and large - things you can do together, or each for you if you wish. Have the kids draw in the BubbleZone, swim, jump in the ball bing or join in the treasure hunt while charging for a facial, or a shopping spree at the tax free store.

When the children have had enough of today's activities and the fatigue announces their arrival, it is good that the cabin is just around the corner. Here the bed awaits before a new, exciting day in Copenhagen the next morning.

Adventure in Tivoli

If you thought that Tivoli was only suitable for those who like rides, speed and fun, then you have to think again. Here are several unique and exciting activities for you who like to have the legs well planted on the ground.Tivoli's varying seasons and many eateries make this a park for everyone, and a place to visit again, without getting bored!

Both older and younger children think Tivoli is absolutely magical, and it is not without reason. The slightly older children tend to ride carousel after carousel, while the younger ones find it exciting with the aquarium, show and theater or greet Bamse Bjørn.

We Are Award Winning

We are Europe's Leading Ferry Operator 2012-2019 and the World's Leading Ferry Operator 2011-2018!

Prices are subject to availability. Telephone booking fees apply. Terms and conditions apply.