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Earn Club Matas points on everything you buy from home when booking your trip at Remember that you must have registered your Club Matas number before traveling.

You earn 1 Club Matas point for every 20 kroner you pay for your trip, purchased on or per. phone on +45 33 42 30 00 at DFDS.

How to Earn Points

  1. Choose your trip and start your online booking
  2. When ordering online, step # 5 deals with your personal information. Here, please log in to your DFDS account, or create a new account.
  3. Once logged into your DFDS account, please enter your Club Matas card number. This is done in step # 5 Personal Information.
  4. Make sure your Club Matas card number is entered correctly in the box during the booking process. Your Club Matas card number is 11-13 digits and starts with 2010-.
  5. Complete and pay for your booking
  6. Your points will be awarded to you within 14 days of your last day of travel

The cooperation with Club Matas has come into force on 1 April. October 28, 2013. We make reservations for typos and spelling errors.

What is Club Matas

Club Matas er Matas’ loyalitetsprogram. Når du er medlem af Club Matas, kan du optjene point, når du handler hos Matas eller hos en af Club Matas’ samarbejdspartnere. Tilføj dit Club Matas-kort til din DFDS booking og optjen point, som du kan bruge i Club Matas-pointshop.

Du kan læse mere om Club Matas på deres hjemmeside:

Terms and Conditions

  1. Earn 1 Club Matas point for every 20 kroner you buy for booking your transport trip or MiniCruise at
  2. Points are only earned on bookings purchased in Danish kroner. That is, bookings that are booked on or bookings that are booked by phone via. +45 33 42 30 00 at DFDS.
  3. Points are earned on everything you buy from home and awarded only on completed MiniCruise and transport trips.
  4. To receive your points, your Club Matas card number must be entered correctly in your DFDS profile before booking is confirmed. The Club Matas card number must be entered in the Matas box when making your booking.
  5. Your points will be awarded within 14 days of completing your journey
  6. DFDS will withdraw points that have been awarded for bookings that have subsequently been canceled or by fraud. You can contact DFDS via. phone or email. Find contact details here;
  7. Complaints for missing Club Matas points will not be accepted after 2 months from the return date of the trip.
  8. You cannot use your Club Matas points to receive a discount directly from DFDS
  9. In the event of a canceled DFDS departure, the booked departure will be moved to a new date or customers may also exercise their right to a refund. In these cases, customers will not receive additional Club Matas points on the changed departure.
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