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Export Health Certification Hub

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The initial system for anyone exporting seafood from the UK to the continent post-Brexit was to get a veterinarian or environmental health officer to inspect the goods and sign an Export Health Certificate locally at the production sites. These sites are scattered all over Scotland and a health certificate for just one consignment costs about 80 pounds. Now that these health certificates will be required for all seafood consignments leaving the UK as of 1 January, we needed to come up with a solution which simplified the process, at a price that was manageable for all our customers, regardless of their size.

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Could we have the health certification process done in Larkhall, where seafood is consolidated prior to being dispatched to the continent? “We wanted to simplify and streamline the certification process for our customers. Not only are these certifications difficult to get hold of, due to the lack of Scottish environmental health officers. For our smaller customers, attaining them would also come at a price that could put them off exporting seafood altogether,” Larkhall Export Operations Manager David Cranston says.


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“We can now finally offer our customers a one-stop shop for health certifications. There are two benefits for customers choosing this option. One is that we have environmental health officials onsite who perform the certification at the seafood’s point of departure as of 1 January, 2021. The second is that we’ve managed to come to an agreement with the government that means that rather having to produce one certificate per consignment – a load can consist of 15 to 30 consignments, at 80 pounds per document – the requirement is now a maximum of two health certificates per load, one per product type,” says Larkhall Export Operations Manager Steve Cranston.

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Larkhall is the first depot with this status. It means that customers can continue to send small consignments and everyone pays a rate per kilo. The reduced number of Export Health Certificates also simplifies procedures on the receiving end, as there will be less paperwork for customs officials to process. We now have an optimal setup in place to keep moving all our customers goods out of Larkhall post-Brexit, at a competitive rate.

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Räätälöidyt toimitusketjuratkaisumme suunnitellaan paitsi oman toimialasi vaatimusten mukaisesti, myös juuri yrityksesi tarpeisiin. Tutustu tarkemmin siihen, miksi monien eri alojen yritykset – autoteollisuudesta kemikaaleihin ja metsäteollisuudesta kalanjalostustuotteisiin – luottavat DFDS:ään päivittäin.