The secret to successful IT project management

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“IT is so much more today than socks with sandals,” laughed Camilla Skovbjerg Scheffmann, as she described her DFDS career journey. “I didn’t consider myself IT, so I wouldn’t have applied for an IT job.” And yet, she finds herself spearheading the development of a major IT system called Velocity, that is transforming the way we do business. 

Camilla Skovbjerg Scheffmann
DFDS is a great work environment. Your journey doesn’t have to end in one area of DFDS, there are many opportunities
Camilla started at DFDS as a logistics trainee. During her eleven years with DFDS, she’s gone from a user of IT systems to super user of the old system, to starting up a whole new solution that supports the DFDS strategy going forward. She brings to the Velocity project a deep understanding of the business and an opening, questioning mind. 
The Velocity project is in the implementation phase now, after more than a year of software development. Along the way, DFDS has supported Camilla’s development, giving her and her team training and certifications in Agile, Scrum and SAFE development methods. “The whole team got an Agile lift during the development phase. It helped the team and it supported the individual members in their career journey,” said Camilla. 

DFDS has a big group of IT people in the business – nearly 200 people. They not only maintain systems, but develop them. “Having such a big group of IT people in our business is exciting. It enables us to do things with a deep knowledge of our business,” Camilla told us. It sets DFDS apart as both a business partner and an employer. 
There are a wide variety of IT jobs within DFDS, from hard core hardware specialists, to database experts to traditional support functions to software development. There is a real focus on digital in DFDS. Because many of the IT experts are part of the business, they bridge the gap that often exists between IT and the rest of the company.
Camilla says, “DFDS is a great work environment. Your journey doesn’t have to end in one area of DFDS, there are many opportunities. And it’s not all work, many of my colleagues have interesting hobbies, they’re surfers, golfers, cyclists, rowers. It’s a fun and dynamic place to work, or I definitely wouldn’t have stayed for eleven years.” 
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