Lejupielādējiet mūsu 5 soļu ceļvedi inovācijām

With very specific needs, supply chain innovation in the Metal industry is considered an expensive, elaborate affair. But there are cheap, efficient ways to fast-track innovation.

“In a nutshell, this is how many companies experience going through supply chain innovation projects. The attraction of creating a more sustainable, effective, and cost-efficient setup is quickly nullified by the painstaking venture of trying to adopt new solutions and change intricate processes,” says Jakob Steffensen Director, Innovation Lead.

Download your copy now to read more about how metal industry can boost supply chain innovation on a budget.

Five pieces of innovation advice:

  • Get your goals right
  • Innovation team, core team, extended core team
  • Keep the door open to top management
  • Invite external parties
  • Be bold!
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