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New ships to be added to dfds' North Sea fleet

21 February, 2017 Copenhagen
​It was a big day for DFDS and a grand experience to see the big ship slide out of the construction hall and into the harbour in Flensburg.
Gardenia Seaways

The launch happened at 12.10 on 17 February, shortly after the vessel was named by her godmother Lillie Valeur in the presence of invited guests and shipyard workers. One of the shipyard workers presented the godmother with the coin upon which the ship was built, in keeping with German tradition.

Gardenia Seaways

The 210-metre ship is the first of two sister vessels from Flensburg. Gardenia Seaways will now be completed alongside the quay in Flensburg where the superstructure will be added. It has just arrived on a barge from Poland and will be finished with fittings, pipework, electrics/electronics, furnishing etc.

In May, Gardenia is due to be delivered to DFDS for addition to the Rotterdam – Immingham route. With space for 262 trailers, which will hopefully be appreciated by the many customers looking for extra capacity.

Gardenia Seaways naming ceremony   
DFDS newbuilding 772 was named Gardenia Seaways by Godmother Lillie Valeur (to the right) and launched directly from the construction hall in Flensburg.

Gardenia Seaways naming ceremony

See a video from the launch here 

Superstructure without a substructure

It looks like a superstructure has been launched without a substructure below. And that is just what it is: the superstructure for Gardenia Seaways. The structure was built for Flensburg shipyard by a contractor in Gdansk, and it was carried on a barge to Flensburg. The 510-tonne superstructure is due to be lifted onto the ship soon.

Top part of Gardenia Seaways  

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