Dear all,

Congratulations. You have been awarded shares in DFDS and you are now co-owners of the company in which you work. This is a gift to you from DFDS to celebrate our fantastic history and a thank you to every one of you who has contributed to making DFDS a unique success and a company that is well prepared to grasp the future and the opportunities that lay ahead of us.

Below you will find a detailed description of the share gift in a so-called ‘2016 restricted stock unit plan’ and a brief Question & Answer document for most of the questions you may have. We wish you and DFDS continued success and congratulate you on your new status as co-owners of DFDS.

Best regards,
The Board of Directors
The Executive Committee

NB: Important for Danish employees/ Vigtigt for danske ansatte

Questions and Answers

About DFDS’ 150th anniversary gift

As a special anniversary gift, DFDS employees have been granted shares in the company. On this website, you will find “Information about DFDS’ 150th anniversary gift”. This is the formal description of the terms and conditions: how it works, who is included, how many shares you can expect to get and other things. In addition to this, we have produced the below Question and Answers, which gives you a briefer overview of the main terms of the scheme.

Who will get shares?

All employees who were employees of DFDS on 1 December 2016 and who by the date of this grant have not been given notice or resigned.

This also applies to:

How many shares will I get?
  • If you work more than 24 hours, per week, you will receive 30 shares.
  • If you work more than 12 and up to (and including) 24 hours per week, you will receive 20 shares.
  • If you work up to (and including) 12 hours per week, you will receive 10 shares.
When will I receive the shares?

The shares will be granted to you now, and you will receive them in February 2020. The three-year period until then is referred to as ‘the vesting period’. After this, you are free to keep them or sell them.

What is the value of the shares?

The current value of the shares is 1200 Euros. The value in three years can be higher or lower, depending on how the share price develops.

Will I be taxed on the value?

In general, the value of the shares will typically be taxed as ordinary salary income. However, the tax situation varies between countries, and therefore, if you have questions about this, we recommend you seek advice at your bank, the tax authorities or with your tax advisor. For Denmark, the UK and France, advantageous tax schemes exist for share grants that we attempt to join for the benefit of the participants.

What do I need to do?

At the moment, you do not need to do anything. You will automatically be granted shares, and we will let you know when you have to do something.

What if I retire before three years have passed?

You will still get the shares if you retire.

What if I stop working at DFDS for other reasons?

You will lose your right to obtain the shares if you resign for other reasons than retirement, illness or death.

If you are given notice of termination before the three years have passed, you will normally still be entitled to get the proportion of shares that corresponds with the time you have worked at DFDS in the three-year period.

However, one loses the right to obtain the shares if notice is given because of gross misconduct.

How do I receive the shares after the three-year vesting period?

In February 2020, the shares can be transferred to your own bank for custody. We will inform you in detail about this when we get closer to February 2020.

What if someone else takes control of DFDS before February 2020?

If this should happen, you will in most countries receive the shares immediately instead of after three years.


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