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DFDS have services running regularly to both Southern and Northern England, providing access to almost all of the UK from mainland Europe in a matter of hours, making it easy to explore the country by car. If you’re looking for inspiration, then you’re in the right place, we’ve brought together some of the very best attractions and destinations in the UK to help you plan your trip. Whether you’re taking the family on an adventurous outdoor holiday, or you’re looking for a more romantic escape, we’ve got it covered.


Travel Guides

Despite the UK’s relatively small size, there’s a huge amount to do. Dozens of cities, along with numerous national parks and hundreds of miles of coastline are bound to keep you busy. In order to help you decide what to see on your trip, we’ve categorised our guides into four sections; Music Events, Sports Events, Arts & Culture, and City Breaks.

Music Events include some of the many festivals that the UK is famous for, including the legendary Glastonbury Festival, which has grown to be one of the very best festivals in the world. Sports Events list those quintessentially British sporting endeavours including the British Grand Prix, one of the finest races in the Formula One calendar, and a truly thrilling spectator event.

In the Arts & Culture section, we’ll take a look at what’s on offer for those looking to gain a real insight into British culture and history, such as Edinburgh’s sensational New Year celebration, Hogmanay. Finally, our City Breaks page will help you pick which of the UK’s great cities to visit on a short break, whether you’re interested in historic York, or the trendy streets of Notting Hill in London.

Latitude festival

Music Events

Music is one of the UK’s best known global exports, so it’s little surprise that throughout the year, there are dozens of festivals held to celebrate just about every genre that you can think of. In this section, we’ll take a look at some of the best that the UK has to offer, including Latitude Festival and Green Man Festival. Of course, no discussion of festivals would be complete without world-famous Glastonbury, which is one of the world’s largest outdoor events, and a temporary city of music.

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Formula One event

Sports Events

Football is undoubtedly the UK’s most famous export, but in this section, we’re going to look in detail at two other sports that call this country home. Golf was first played in 15th century Scotland, and today you’ll find one of golf’s major tournaments still takes place in the UK, with the location rotating each year. If you’re looking for thrills on your road trip, then what better sport to watch than Formula One - the highest level of auto racing you’ll find anywhere in the world.

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Arts & Culture

The UK is lucky enough to boast several culturally important cities, so there’s certainly no shortage of attractions for those wishing to take in the local culture and associated arts. We’ve got all the information on stunning museums such as the Victoria and Albert, along with guides for trendy events such as London Fashion Week. Alternatively, if you’re visiting over the festive period, then Edinburgh’s Hogmanay is arguably the very best way to spend your New Year.

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London Eye

City Breaks

Whether you’re getting off the ferry in Dover, Newcastle or Newhaven, there are destinations across the UK that make for wonderful city breaks. London is often the main attraction for visitors to the UK, playing host to a variety of unique districts and attractions that we’ll cover in this section. Alternatively, there are a number of historically important cities such as York and Edinburgh, which feature castles, ancient walls and royal buildings.

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