Cold storage facilities

Huge cold storage warehouses for perishable food products.

Cold chain warehouse, drone photo, 2022

Cold storage warehouses in UK and Europe

At DFDS, we have 11 cold storage facilities that are spread throughout the EU and UK, and over 15,000m2 of temperature-controlled warehouse space, which gives us the capability of handling perishable goods at a large scale. Our cold storage rooms are equipped with the ideal temperature and can accommodate temperature-sensitive products in the short and long term. We are taking cold storage warehousing to the next level by offering flexible and agile operations that match your business needs.

Flexible cold storage services

cold chain warehouse stacks working, 2022

Innovative cold storage facility infrastructure

We invest continuously in the latest cold storage technologies to offer a wide range of options and maintain the highest quality for our customers. Multi-temperature warehousing, live temperature overviews and a variety of automated solutions provide both flexibility and certainty in the storage of cold products. And, beyond being EC approved, all our cold storage facilities meet the highest quality standards regarding food safety - including B-recognition for repacking of goods.

Cold chain workers in warehouse, 2022

Food logistics

When it comes to food logistics, the clock is always ticking on freshness. Our diverse fleet of refrigerated transport options handles meat, seafood, dairy, produce, and other temperature-controlled food products.

Refrigerated transport

With modern equipment and experienced drivers, we offer reliable refrigerated transport throughout our expansive European network. We have the infrastructure and logistics to properly deliver your cold goods.

Chilled packaging

We understand the key role that chilled packaging plays in logistics, therefore, we limit your transport costs, reduce cleaning expenses, and take the hassle out of packaging so you can focus on other areas of your business.

FAQs about cold storage facilities

A cold storage is a facility that mainly stores food products such as fruits, vegetables, meat and fish, that are time-sensitive and can easily get spoiled if they are kept under normal conditions.

Warehouse logistics refers to all the complex factors involved in warehousing such as movement, organization and management of products.

The recommendation is to check the temperature every 4 hours, but if you check it every 2 hours, you can have time to apply corrective actions in case the temperature went up.

Cold storage facilities are used to maintain the perishable food products at an optimal temperature, in order to avoid spoilage.