Food Logistics

Shipping food across Europe, the UK and Northern Ireland

Food safety

Food logistics for wholesale food distributors

Few logistics operations are as demanding as food logistics. The clock is always ticking on freshness, and it doesn’t pause for supply chain holdups. We understand that perishable goods are time and temperature-sensitive products that need to be handled and shipped carefully to preserve their freshness. Our diverse fleet of refrigerated transport options handles meat, seafood, dairy, produce, and other temperature-controlled food products. With a comprehensive logistics system, we can handle food shipping for big or small distributors across Europe, the UK and Northern Ireland.

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Fish and seafood logistics

At DFDS the safety of your fish and seafood products during loading, unloading, storage and transit is of great importance. If you want to transport frozen fish and seafood, contact us and we will make sure that the quality of your products remain intact, while following the strictest safety standards. We offer fish and seafood logistics tailored to a variety of products such as salmon, cod, shrimps, tuna, and mackerel.

Cold chain seafood

Efficient meat transport across Europe

At DFDS, our meat transport services have helped thousands of customers move their products across the UK and Europe. Our broad network of routes and warehouse facilities enable end-to-end coverage of the supply chain and quick transport times. Using special food transportation containers, we can handle fresh and frozen meat for both full and part loads. We maintain the optimum temperature, to make sure your products are delivered fresh - no matter where they’re going.

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Fruit and vegetable transport

Whether it’s coming from the north, south, or somewhere in-between, our large logistics footprint enables the fast and efficient fruit and vegetable transportation. We have the best food transportation containers and storage facilities to help eliminate waste, keep shelves stocked and make high-quality fruits and vegetables available to people throughout Europe. At DFDS we follow food safety transportation standards and keep a scheduled timeline when we deliver your perishable goods to prevent food contamination.

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Eggs and dairy transport

We transport dairy products such as cheese, butter, egg yolks, egg whites and ice cream daily to big retail stores across Europe. We use intermodal transportation for increased flexibility when moving dairy products. By using two or three modes of transportation, we deliver fresh products to the end customer. With eggs transport, things are a bit different. The quality of the egg packaging is crucial during transit and must be checked properly before they get loaded into the truck. Count on DFDS, when it comes to eggs and dairy transport, and avoid any unwanted damage to your perishable products.

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Innovative food logistics infrastructure

Our efficient and reliable food logistics service is built upon a diverse and innovative logistics infrastructure by skilled personnel with a lot of experience in logistics within the cold chain industry. Our automated, multi-temperature warehouses are specially designed to accommodate all types of fresh and frozen food products. We offer shock and blast freezing, defrosting, loading, and unloading from containers, frozen food packaging and repackaging, labeling, and storing into cartons. Like our storage facilities, we have frozen food transport options fit for an array of food products. From traditional stacked pallets to hanging meat trailers, we have the transport solutions to safely get your products to their destination.

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Cold storage facilities

Our cold storage facilities are optimised to preserve goods for both short and long periods of time. Also, our cross-docking facilities can provide rapid transfers between trailers to ensure your cold goods reach their destination in pristine condition.

Chilled packaging

We understand the key role that chilled packaging plays in logistics, therefore, we limit your transport costs, reduce cleaning expenses, and take the hassle out of packaging so you can focus on other areas of your business.

Refrigerated transport

With modern equipment and experienced drivers, we offer reliable refrigerated transport throughout our expansive European network. We have the infrastructure and logistics to properly deliver your cold goods.

FAQs about food logistics

DFDS handles meat products, fish and seafood, fruit and vegetables, dairy, fresh produce, and other temperature-controlled food products.

With DFDS you have faster pickup and delivery. We offer more flexibility in where the product can go. Our trucks are specially designed to keep your perishable goods at the right temperature to avoid the risk of food contamination.

The correct temperature for frozen food is 0°F (-18°C). In addition to watching for the warning signs, you should also consider taking the temperature of the frozen foods before accepting delivery.