Cross-docking Warehousing

With our cross-docking service, items are received and shipped out on the same day reducing shipping times, cost, and risk.

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Reduce time, cost and risk with high performance shipping solutions

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Leaner supply chain

Accelerate orders, reduce costs, and speed up the time it takes to deliver your products.

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Save time and resources

Since labour to store products can be reduced or eliminated entirely, your goods reach the final destination quicker.

Save time and resources with our cross-docking solutions

Watch this video to see how our cross-docking solutions can help your business.

Get the right cross-docking for your business

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Merge many small shipments into one larger load before shipping to optimise profitability and efficiency.

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We quickly turn around and ship your goods out again.

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We receive, unload, damage control, sort, count, handle, and store your goods - whatever they are.

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Experts handle your goods to ensure secure, on-time transport.

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Fast shunting service to get your supply chain moving.

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Pallets and packaging are bought and stored to help prepare goods for shipment and distribution.

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Pallets and packaging are bought and stored to help prepare goods for shipment and distribution.

Improve operational costs with Sustainable Warehousing Solutions

All our warehouses across Europe offers flexible Warehousing Solutions, allowing you to increase efficiency and reduce costs.

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Premium Warehousing Solutions all over Europe

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Borås, Sweden

Sustainable Warehousing Solutions in the middle of the Nordics. Our warehouse in Borås offers 34.500 m2 of storage space for FMCG and retail.

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Liverpool, United Kingdom

A 15.886 m2 cold store that operates at -21 degrees. Supported by an onsite fleet as well as value added services such as: blast freezing, container devanning, temp controlled distribution and customs solutions.

Cold storage warehouse DFDS

Horsens, Denmark

Total of 7.300 m2 IFS certified cold and chilled warehousing in Denmark. Flexible services from cross-docking to pick and pack.

taulov warehousing

Taulov, Denmark

Strategically located warehouse in the new industrial area in Taulov close to the motorway. Modern warehouse built in 2023, 24.500 m2, racked with 25.000 pallets spaces for dry goods with a certificate for food & beverage.

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Tarnowo Podgórne, Poland

10.000 m2, with possibility for further expansion. Modern facility (class A) with Breeam certificate along with its strategic location in Poznan metropolitan area, location close to A2 motorway and S11 expressway. Racking, floor storage, repacking, cross-docking possibilities for short- and long term logistics solution.

Warehousing solution, Wijchen, The Netherlands

Wijchen, The Netherlands

60.000 m2 in the heart of Europe, with 60 docks and the possibility of storing over 80.000 pallets. Close to the German border, operating warehousing, cross-docking & value-added services. AEO, ISO 13486 (medical supplies) & ISO 22000 (food).

Expert support for specialised logistics demands

Work with our team of Contract Logistics specialists to combine the precise services your business needs to streamline supply chain performance.

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Cross-docking refers to the practice of unloading products from inbound delivery transport methods and loading them straight onto outbound vehicles.

Cross docking is used to minimise warehousing activities and labour by transferring freight from one transportation method to another at the docking facility. This method is used because it reduces costs and ensures a faster fulfilment time.

Consolidation is the primary advantage of using cross-docking services. By utilizing cross-docking to secure incoming and outgoing cargo, your business may save a lot on shipping expenses as well as labour costs because only one truck will arrive and must be unloaded. Rest assured knowing that your perishable food products reached their destination on time and in pristine condition thanks to our cross-docking services.

Cross docking works great for a lot of industries that require a fast turnover of products or are sensitive to time delays, such as the cold chain industry. Some of the factors you should consider are:

  1. The volume and type of product you sell

  2. How fast it needs to be shipped to the end customer. For example, perishable products are time sensitive and need to be shipped faster.

  3. The planning required for the best delivery possible.