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Wind turbine transport

Cutting-edge special cargo capabilities to meet your toughest transport challenges

Whether it is the dimensions, weight, material, or a combination of factors some cargo just demands special attention. With the most advanced equipment available and a dedicated team of experts, DFDS provides industry leading solutions to move your special cargo where you need it, when you need it and as you need it.

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We understand how vital special cargo is to construction, and we understand how to get your materials to you as quickly as possible. Whether it is bulk, fragile, or heavy goods we have a solution for it all.

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From mobile fencing to temporary seating, we have the equipment and expertise to ensure you have everything you need for any kind of event.

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Machinery varies from industry to industry, but no matter what it’s made for, we have the capacity to transport any heavy goods with speed and security.

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Sustainable solutions

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Efficient from door-to-door

Leveraging our expansive transport network, we are one of the only logistics providers in Europe offering completely in-house special cargo transport from loading site to final delivery. We combine roads, rails, warehouse and more to handle your special cargo at each step of the supply chain. No third parties, no extra bookings, no headaches.


A fleet fit for the extraordinary

One of the largest in Europe, our specialised feet features extenable flatbed trailers, low loader, extenable trailers, semi-low loaders, concrete carriers, mega and standard trailers. Complimenting the modern equipment, our specially trained service team is always on-hand to offer local knowhow and customised solutions to any freight transportation need you might have.

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Handling with care

Pushing towards the goal of being climate neutral by 2050, our freight solutions are no exception to our commitment to a sustainable future. From investments in a green fleet to more efficient haulage, we are constantly working to deliver your special cargo with special attention to the environment.

Wind turbine transport

Your industry is our industry

From forest products to green energy, building materials to heavy machinery, we guarantee transport that suits your special cargo needs with experience and insight across a wide range of industries, our expert team understands how to adapt our infrastructure and tailor solutions to the nuances of your business, no matter your business.

Backed by FORS certification

The Fleet Operator Recognition Scheme drives best practice across the European freight industry in terms of safety, efficiency, and environmental protection.

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Hydro: a case study

Manufacturing both aluminium poles and extrusions in the Netherlands, Hydro sought a new logistics partner with the special cargo competencies to carry out deliveries in a secure, timely and cost-effective manner. Providing specialised trailers and drivers with experience in special cargo transport, DFDS Special Cargo helped Hydro make consistently on-time deliveries and significantly reduce transport expenses.

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Moving the exceptional with ease

Request a quote today. Just specify your transport needs and we’ll provide you with a rate.

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