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Streamline operations and cut down expenses with our transport and logistics services

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Comprehensive logistics solutions

Discover DFDS' reliable logistics solutions and services for UK businesses. From transportation to supply chain management, we ensure efficiency and quality in every step.

Our goal is to optimise your supply chain and help you surpass your competition. Thanks to our tailor-made logistics services and on-time transportation network, your business will get a competitive head start.

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Why choose DFDS for logistics services?



We can help you streamline your operations, reduce wasted time and resources.


Cost savings

We optimise routes and inventory management, and help you cut down costs.


Improved customer service

We ensure that your cargo is tracked properly and delivered on time to increase customer satisfaction.



We adapt our logistic solutions and scale them to expand your business rapidly.

Our range of logistics solutions

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Transportation services

Our transportation services include road, sea and rail logistics and are tailored to your specific needs. Thanks to our fleet of modern vehicles and extensive network, we ensure that your goods are delivered safely and on time.

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Warehousing and distribution

Storage is no longer a problem thanks to our state-of-the-art warehousing facilities for cold or dry goods. With advance management systems and strategic locations, we ensure seamless distribution and storage solutions.

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Supply chain management

DFDS provides end-to end supply chain management solutions. We offer inventory control and demand planning to streamline your operations and enhance efficiency.

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3PL & 4PL

Choose 3PL solutions if you have a small business that requires assistance with shipments or opt for 4PL services if your business is larger and requires help in handling the entire supply chain.

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Streamlined customs clearance

We are an EU and AEO certified operator that provides customs clearance services to make your business run smoothly. We handle all types of documents such as import and export declarations, CHED, ENS, EXS and more.

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Value added services

You can add value added services to boost your supply chain efficiency. Some of the services we offer are co-pack, wrapping, labelling, return management, cleaning and packaging repair.

EU mobility package: simplifying transport rules for drivers

Explore the EU mobility package, a comprehensive set of measures aimed at simplifying regulations and operations for drivers across EU member states. From driving and rest periods to driver postings, cabotage rules, and tachograph usage, these initiatives ensure smoother and more efficient transportation while adhering to regulatory standards.

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FAQs about logistics

The process of planning, executing and managing a series of steps to efficiently transport and store goods and services from start to finish, with the purpose of adhering to customer requirements is defined as logistics solutions.

Logistics providers are often referred to as 4PL services. They can help with supply chain management services like warehousing, transportation or distribution and increase a business’s profit margins.

DFDS covers most industries, including automotive, forestry, metals and cold chain. We also handle fast-moving consumer goods (FMCG) and retail as well as high-value and products.