Cold Chain Logistics

Cold shipping solutions for your perishable goods.

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Cold chain logistics for cool goods

DFDS provides cold chain logistics for your temperature-sensitive goods and products. If you need to safely transport your perishable goods we can provide you with temperature-controlled logistics and cold shipping solutions.

Our cold chain management team use tested processes to ensure that your goods are stored within temperature-regulated and strictly controlled areas in compliance with the highest quality standards.

Cold chain transportation for perishable products

At DFDS, we offer refrigerated transport for your perishable products. Our trucks have a built-in refrigeration system that keeps your cool goods at a regulated temperature throughout the whole shipping process. We realise the importance of efficient food logistics and have the resources to always live up to that standard. We’re the UK’s main carrier of seafood to the continent, and we now offer customers in Larkhall, a one-stop-shop for health certifications, at a competitive price.

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Chilled Packaging

When it comes to packaging, DFDS prides itself on its sustainable solutions. Our chilled packaging experts can help you transport your cold goods using temperature-controlled packaging that is reusable. We are committed to helping your business decrease its overall carbon footprint by using sustainable packaging solutions. No more pallets return or carbon waste. This is one of the many other reasons why you should choose DFDS to handle your cold chain logistics.

Cold chain packaging

Cold chain storage and cross docking

DFDS has 11 cold storage facilities spread throughout Europe and can receive and store cold products on a large scale. Our warehouses are specially designed to preserve your cold goods for the short and long term, so you don’t have to worry about their condition.

For fast transfers between trailers we have multiple cross docking facilities strategically located, to make sure your cold goods reach their destination in time and in pristine condition.

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Our network - your strength

DFDS provides access for the seafood and perishable goods industry to one of Europe’s most comprehensive freight shipping and logistics networks, with daily connections to main seafood hubs across Europe.

Efficient and reliable ferry services, door-door solutions, contract logistics, or a ferry cruise: you can trust us to move what is important to you.

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FAQs about cold chain logistics

The transportation of temperature-controlled products, such as temperature-sensitive foods, drinks, and biopharmaceutical products, is known as cold chain logistics.

The transportation of temperature-controlled products, such as temperature-sensitive foods, drinks, and biopharmaceutical products, is known as cold chain logistics or chill chain logistics.

Cold chain logistics allow the safe delivery of temperature-sensitive products and goods along the supply chain. Our DFDS team can help you book shipments, track and trace your cargo and also manage all the paperwork in one place.

Some examples of cold chain products are food, beverages, pharmaceuticals, chemicals, and vaccines. At DFDS our customers rely on our cold chain management team for product efficacy and safety.