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Providing 3PL fulfilment and logistics services for your business

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Elevate Your Supply Chain with 3PL Logistics from DFDS

DFDS provides 3PL logistics for companies of all sizes. Our extensive experience and solid reputation ensure reliable 3PL management, delivering seamless logistics solutions and on-time deliveries to meet your needs.

At DFDS, we prioritize your satisfaction. Our customer-centric approach means open communication and customized 3PL services that enhance your supply chain performance. Count on DFDS as your trusted 3PL provider, and rest assured knowing that your goods are transported fast and in pristine condition across Europe.

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End-to-end visibility during 3PL transportation

At DFDS, we of course handpick each 3PL provider. Our tailored third party logistics services meet the requirements and demands of a range of sectors, industries, and businesses.

Such as those who deal with automotive, forest, metal products, chemicals and seafood, as well as other goods that might require a steady cold chain and temperature-controlled environments. Our sophisticated integrated IT systems give you end-to-end visibility across the entire supply chain, giving you access to detailed, real-time information all the way.

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Flexible 3PL Solutions That You Can Count On

Using great third-party logistics providers is a way for DFDS to constantly evaluate operations and continuously improve our offerings to customers.

We make an effort to look at every part of our collaboration, as well as the flow of your business with us, to make sure that your supply chain is ship shape at all times. That it is robust, efficient, and flexible.

You can rest assured that you have the full support of our pan-European network of strategically located terminals, hubs, and dedicated specialists. All coming together for you to spend the time you need to make your business as cost-efficient and prosperous as possible.

Streamline Your Operations with 3PL Fulfillment

We take great pride in selecting just the right third-party logistics provider for every customer, regardless of their industry or the nature of their supply chain.

When we enter into a partnership with a third party logistics provider, we gain the ability to scale space, labour, and transportation according to inventory needs. Using 3PL solutions can enable a hassle-free transition. DFDS’ proactive approach to using third-party logistics providers ensures that your supply chain can adapt accordingly.

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3PL Warehousing for Your Business

Inbound logistics deal with what you get into your warehouse, factory, or retail store, like raw materials and tools. Outbound logistics is about moving end-products ready for use, out of your facilities.

It is vital to have clear and solid inbound and outbound logistics processes if you want to run an efficient operation and keep costs down. We use our extensive, multimodal route network to give you a flexible and stable inbound and outbound logistics solution.

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FAQs about 3PL logistics

3PL or third party logistics, refers to the outsourcing of the supply chain activities and logistics to an external service provider.

The process of outsourcing order fulfilment services to a 3PL provider is known as 3PL fulfilment. It focuses mainly on storage, management, and shipping of goods on behalf of a business that sells physical products.

If you need help with some specific logistics tasks and wish to maintain control, choose a third party logistics provider. On the other hand, if you look for a more comprehensive supply chain optimization and strategic guidance, make sure you opt for a 4PL provider.