Customs clearance services

There is no grey area in customs clearance. Choose a customs agent to make the complex simple with no-hassle solutions to suit your needs.

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Stay compliant, with our customs clearance services

When your business depends on being compliant, you need a customs agent that can guarantee customs clearance. As a certified AEO operator, we’ll handle your customs documents so you have more time to focus on your business and meet customer expectations.

Whatever your shipment, be it cold goods, dry goods, or something other, our customs broker handle the complex documentation and timing. Get started easily with three different customs clearance services to suit the needs of your business.

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Why choose customs clearance solutions at DFDS?

In DFDS customs, we handle customs for all types of clients. We offer customs as a core product to current customers using our ferry or logistics solutions, when these have traffics on customs-relevant flows, but we also offer customs beyond this to customers with no prior relationship to DFDS. Benefit from:

  • Expert knowledge: 250 colleagues working with customs across ferry, logistics and group

  • Customized solutions: more than 15 services offered across 2 product structures

  • Customs network: 14 independent, internal customs locations spread across 12 countries

  • Faster movements: more than 25,000 documents handled each month

  • One-stop shop: logistics and ferry, dry and cold, current and non-current DFDS customers served

We offer both direct and indirect representation services for customs declarations. With direct representation, a customs agent can act on your behalf, submitting declarations in your name while with indirect representation, a customs agent lodges declarations in their own name but on your behalf.

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Mix and match what services and documents we can assist you with. We will meet your unique customs demands

Customs Clearance Import, Icon

Import declaration

Official document that lists and provides details of the goods you are importing.

Customs Clearance Export

Export declaration

Official document that lists and provides details of the goods you are exporting.

Customs Clearance Health Certificate


CHED is an obligatory document that must be presented at border crossings when the shipment includes any of the following: animals, products of animal origin, products of plant origin, feed and food products. A CHED must be generated online at least 24 hours in advance of a shipment’s arrival at the border control post.

Customs Clearance EUR1


EUR.1 is a certificate of origin that allows you to reduce or eliminate duty on goods moving between the EU and countries that have a trade agreement with the EU.

Customs Clearance Transits

Transit documents T1 & T2

After submitting your declaration, you will receive a Transit Document (T1 or T2) that must travel with your shipment and be presented at any customs office, as well as the shipment’s destination.

Customs Clearance Easy Document Handling


An Exit Summary Declaration (EXS) is required, for example, when empty pallets, containers, or vehicles are moved under a transport contract (including empty reusable packaging such as stillages or roll-cages).

Customs Clearance ENS


An Entry Summary Declaration is required by EU customs to carry out security evaluations of all cargo entering EU ports.

Customs Clearance PBN


A Pre-Boarding Notification contains the details of all customs declarations regarding the goods being shipped.

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Deferment account usage, sanitary checks and on-site clerk services

We also offer VAT coverage via deferment account and in specific locations, we offer sanitary checks and on-site clerk services.

Defer customs duties with our secure bonded warehouses

Choose our secure bonded warehouses and ensure the financial flexibility and efficiency of your business by deferring customs duties. With our bonded warehousing solutions, you can navigate international trade with ease, and maintain a seamless and cost-effective process for your business.

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Access our network of global and local partners

Whether you’re transporting within Europe or to and from other parts of the world, our expansive network of EU-certified AEO customs experts gives you an industry-leading support team to meet any customs challenge. With a single point of contact within DFDS, you benefit from rapid access to knowledge and advice from any of our partners throughout our network.

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FAQs about customs clearance

Any registered business with a company number can sign up for customs clearance representation with DFDS. The service is, however, not available to private individuals.

Simply fill out the contact form and we will contact you.

No, you don’t have to be a DFDS customer to buy our customs clearance solutions.

Yes, no problem, our solutions are flexible according to your needs. Talk to one of our customs experts to find out how we can help you and what the advantages of using both customs clearance and transportation services can be.

We can help with customs clearance worldwide. Our team of customs experts is experienced in customs clearance wherever in the world you need to transport goods.

Yes, if you sign up to our digital, online booking tool, DFDS Direct. With DFDS Direct, you can keep track of every shipment, customs documentation and information online when it suits you.

Yes, DFDS is a certified AEO operator. AEO status is a certified standard authorisation issued by customs administrations in the EU. It certifies that an economic operator has met certain standards in relation to, safety, security, IT systems, compliance, financial solvency and professional competency.

Yes, our Full Customs Clearance solution aimed at larger companies with complex customs clearance operations have a designated account manager to handle all communication direct.

We have teams of customs clearance experts that monitor and keep up to date with the latest changes in legislation for the countries you to business with.

There are all kinds of synergies that come with consolidating your supply chain logistics. Choosing DFDS to handle your entire end-to-end logistics process means getting the complete overview to reduce risk and optimise the flow of goods between you and your customers. Get in touch with our experts to find out the benefits.