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Not all out of gauge cargo adheres to standard dimensions. Occasionally, special cargo may be misdeclared, surpassing the standard dimensions of our flat rack and open-top containers in length, width, height, or a combination thereof, leading to an Out-of-Gauge (OOG) scenario.

We understand that one size doesn't fit all in the world of out-of-gauge cargo and for this reason our team works closely with you to develop tailored solutions that align with your specific logistical needs and cargo characteristics.

Streamlined OOG declaration process

Our team at DFDS is equipped to guide you through the OOG declaration process, ensuring accurate and compliant submissions. By partnering with DFDS, you benefit from our expertise in navigating safety protocols and operational intricacies, streamlining your OOG cargo transportation.

With our meticulous approach, we help you prevent delays by ensuring that your cargo is correctly declared, reducing the risk of disruptions during the shipping process. Choose DFDS for a seamless OOG declaration process that prioritizes safety, operational efficiency, and compliance.

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We understand how vital special cargo is to construction, and we understand how to get your materials to you as quickly as possible. Whether it is bulk, fragile, or heavy goods we have a solution for it all.

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From mobile fencing to temporary seating, we have the equipment and expertise to ensure you have everything you need for any kind of event.

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Machinery varies from industry to industry, but no matter what it’s made for, we have the capacity to transport any heavy goods with speed and security.

FAQs about out of gauge cargo

Even if there are no additional lost slots, it's essential to inform us about any updated dimensions.

Yes, the OOG fee applies to all countries.

We acknowledge that unless the end wall position changes, a difference in length usually doesn't cause significant issues.

Even a small change of a few centimeters can have a significant impact. Therefore, we require updated dimensions or may apply a misdeclaration fee.

The precise dimensions are typically not known during quoting and booking. However, after lashing and during pick-up, the final dimensions are generally available.

When it comes to shipping, out of gauge (OOG) cargo also known as gauge out cargo, means shipments that surpass standard container dimensions. These oversized or irregularly shaped items may extend beyond the typical width, height, or length of containers, necessitating special handling.

Cargo is considered out of gauge (OOG) or gauge out when it exceeds the standard dimensions of a container or flat rack. This classification is based on items protruding beyond the usual width, height, or length, requiring specific transportation arrangements.

The size classifying cargo as out of gauge (OOG) varies based on standard container dimensions. Any shipment exceeding these predefined measurements is considered out of gauge (OOG), demanding special handling. Flat rack container dimensions play a crucial role in determining what is considered oversized.

OOG meaning in shipping refers to out of gauge cargo or shipments that deviate from standard container dimensions. Recognizing the OOG meaning is essential for understanding the need for special handling and transportation arrangements for oversized or irregularly shaped items.

Breakbulk and out of gauge (OOG) cargo differ in their nature. Breakbulk involves non-containerised or individually loaded items, while OOG specifically refers to cargo that exceeds standard container dimensions. Both require specialised handling, with OOG focusing on deviations in size.

Flat rack container dimensions are crucial when dealing with out of gauge (OOG) cargo. These containers, with collapsible sides, provide flexibility for oversized items. Understanding the specific flat rack container dimensions is vital for efficient planning and execution of shipments requiring special handling

A 40ft container in cm measures approximately 12,192 centimeters. Knowing the conversion from feet to centimeters is essential for accurate planning and understanding the spatial requirements, especially when dealing with out of gauge cargo that may exceed standard container dimensions.

The closing down of cargo can indeed impact OOG shipments. When a business is closing down, careful consideration of the logistics involved in transporting any remaining inventory, especially if it includes out of gauge cargo, is essential to avoid disruptions and ensure a smooth transition.

The most important feature for out-of-gauge (OOG) cargo is its ability to exceed the standard dimensions of conventional containers. In essence, OOG cargo's defining characteristic is its deviation from the typical width, height, or length parameters of standard shipping containers.