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At DFDS, we understand the importance of precision and reliability in handling in-gauge cargo. Our streamlined process ensures that standard-sized shipments are treated with utmost care and attention.

With the help of our equipment and industry-leading techniques, we guarantee secure loading, efficient transportation, and safe unloading of your in-gauge cargo. Rest assured knowing that we manage the entire logistics process, from documentation to customs clearance, ensuring your cargo journey is smooth and worry-free.

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Backed by FORS certification

The Fleet Operator Recognition Scheme drives best practice across the European freight industry in terms of safety, efficiency, and environmental protection.

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Expansive transport network and specialised feet features

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Efficient from door-to-door

Leveraging our expansive transport network, we are one of the only logistics providers in Europe offering completely in-house special cargo transport from loading site to final delivery. We combine roads, rails, warehouse and more to handle your special cargo at each step of the supply chain. No third parties, no extra bookings, no headaches.


A fleet fit for the extraordinary

One of the largest in Europe, our specialised feet features extenable flatbed trailers, low loader, extenable trailers, semi-low loaders, concrete carriers, mega and standard trailers. Complimenting the modern equipment, our specially trained service team is always on-hand to offer local knowhow and customised solutions to any freight transportation need you might have.

FAQs about in gauge cargo

In-gauge cargo refers to shipments whose dimensions are either smaller or equal to those of a flat rack or open-top container. This means that special equipment is needed, but won't take up extra space on the vessel.

In-gauge cargo services offer precision and efficiency for standard-sized shipments. This ensures optimal use of container space without compromising on security or safety.

Yes, in-gauge cargo is designed to accommodate a wide range of standard-sized products, including machinery, equipment, and various goods that fit within the dimensions of flat racks or open-top containers.

DFDS employs a team of experts well-versed in international customs regulations. We ensure seamless customs clearance for in-gauge cargo, minimizing delays and ensuring a smooth transit process.

Absolutely. DFDS provides advanced tracking capabilities, allowing you to monitor your in-gauge cargo shipment in real-time. Stay informed about the status and location of your cargo throughout the entire transportation journey.