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Break bulk cargo services with DFDS

Are you exporting oversized freight like metal structures or windmill fuselages? Then you need to use a break bulk cargo service.

Break bulk cargo is also known as break-bulk, breakbulk, or general cargo and it refers to goods loaded in individual units on board a ship. At DFDS, we are equipped with extensive expertise in shipping special cargo, breakbulk, and project cargo.

Are you ready to explore the possibilities of a break bulk cargo project with us? Our experienced team is here to answer all your questions and provide a solution that meets your unique shipping needs.

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Customized solutions for non-containerized loads

DFDS can help you move non-containerized loads also known as breakbulk with ease. Benefit from our premium carriers, offering flexible transport options and comprehensive end-to-end solutions.

We have specialized equipment, including flat-rack containers and roll trailers, with qualified staff in major ports ensuring smooth handling from origin to destination. Connect with our experts for reliable and customized solutions for your non-containerized loads.

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Backed by FORS certification

The Fleet Operator Recognition Scheme drives best practice across the European freight industry in terms of safety, efficiency, and environmental protection.

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Customs clearance services for break bulk cargo

DFDS simplifies customs clearance services for your break bulk cargo. Our expert team handles documentation, ensures compliance, and communicates with authorities.

We prioritize efficiency, minimizing delays and facilitating a smooth process. Trust DFDS for hassle-free customs clearance. Our goal is to eliminate delays and provide a smooth customs clearance experience for your breakbulk shipments.

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FAQs about break bulk cargo

Break bulk cargo refers to goods or commodities that are transported individually and loaded onto a vessel. Unlike containerized cargo, non-containerized loads is not consolidated into containers; instead, each item or package is handled separately.

Break bulk cargo and loose cargo are related terms, but there is a subtle difference. Break bulk cargo refers to goods that are individually loaded onto a vessel, often in packages, whereas loose cargo refers to goods that are not contained within any packaging or container.

Dry bulk cargo typically refers to goods that are shipped in large quantities without packaging, while break bulk cargo involves individually packaged goods loaded onto a vessel, often in bags, barrels, crates, or boxes. The key distinction is that break bulk cargo is not poured or dumped in bulk form, and each item is handled separately.

Break bulk in sea freight shipping refers to the transportation of non-containerized, individually packaged cargo. Instead of being loaded into standardized containers, each item, such as bags, barrels, or crates, is handled separately on the vessel.

At DFDS, we have expertise in managing break bulk cargo. Our dedicated teams ensure the safe loading, transportation, and unloading of individualised shipments. We utilise specialised equipment and follow industry best practices to secure and protect break bulk items during sea transit.

Choosing DFDS means partnering with a trusted shipping provider that prioritizes the secure and timely delivery of your unique shipments. Our extensive experience, commitment to safety, and global network of routes ensure reliable and efficient transportation for various types of break bulk cargo.

Yes, DFDS provides customizable solutions for break bulk shipping. We understand that each cargo is unique, and our teams work closely with customers to accommodate specific requirements, ensuring a seamless and personalised shipping experience for break bulk shipments.