Fish and seafood logistics

Transporting fresh or frozen fish and seafood throughout Europe


Experts in fish and seafood logistics

At DFDS the safety of your perishable products during loading, unloading, storage and transit is of utmost importance. Whether you want to transport frozen or fresh fish and seafood, DFDS will ensure not only the highest quality of taste and appearance, but also adhere to the strictest safety standards. Fast transportation is only half of the story.

Our seafood logistics experts use passive and active temperature control packaging for both fresh and frozen seafood shipments. This methods keep the seafood supply chain unbroken and it helps us deliver your cold chain products in perfect condition to our customers.

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Efficient fresh or frozen transportation

Seafood transportation requires extremely precise temperature control in order to meet traceability and hygiene standards. DFDS meets these requirements with its refrigerated transport trucks, as well as services created specifically for the transport of fish and seafood.

Our perishable logistics experts are here to assist and advise you in order to maximise profitability and control expenses. At DFDS we make shipping seafood look easy thanks to our optimised logistics process. We transport many seafood products including, but not limited to salmon, cod, shrimps, tuna, and mackerel.

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Fish and seafood handling and storage

Given the fact that seafood goods spend most of their journey in a container, it is important for them to be kept in optimum condition. While the majority of reefer containers can keep fresh produce between -30oC to +30oC, DFDS’s super freezer containers keep fish and seafood at ultra-low temperatures (-60oC to -10oC). We use these super freezer containers to preserve the quality, texture and nutritional factors of produce like tuna, swordfish and urchins.

In order to preserve the cargo temperature as it is brought on pallets from the inside of our cold storage warehouse and packed into a super freezer container, we also use sortie and stuffy containers. This process will make sure that cargo such as tuna will not get exposed to ambient temperatures during the loading process from the trawler.

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Innovative packaging solutions for perishable products

DFDS offers the most extensive selection of fish and seafood packaging solutions on the EU market. Designed to safely transport the product throughout the supply chain, from the moment it gets picked up from the supplier until it reaches the point of sale.

Our chilled packaging solutions are the perfect choice for fish packed in ice, both before and after processing, and they are also durable, and capable of resisting the onboard storage conditions.

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FAQs about fish and seafood logistics

DFDS transports fish and shellfish on the sea by specially designed vessels, on land by refrigerated trucks. We offer temperature-controlled transportation and storage of packaged food and don’t do compromises when it comes to food safety.

At DFDS we use recycled boxes and cardboard boxes to pack seafood products. Our packaging solutions are designed to safely transport your products throughout the supply chain, from the moment it gets picked up from the supplier until it reaches the point of sale.

Seafood products are stored inside our specially designed warehouses. We have 15 locations spread throughout Europe that can accommodate your seafood products.