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European leaders in automotive logistics

DFDS provides automotive logistics and supply chain solutions for OEMs and their suppliers. We offer both inbound and outbound automotive logistics solutions. Whether it’s shipping automotive parts to the factory or transporting vehicles to the dealership, we've got you covered. Our automotive supply chain solutions include:

  • Inbound procurement

  • Outbound procurement

  • Production logistics

  • Service parts distribution

  • Finished vehicle transportation

We can easily adapt to your context and requirements, offering everything from auto logistics transport to innovative and tailor-made automotive logistics solutions.

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Inbound automotive logistics

At DFDS we focus on optimizing, securing and simplifying your supply chain. Our automotive supply chain management team offers you the following solutions:

  • Collecting and transporting automotive parts

  • Multi-country cross docking

  • Packaging design, re-packing and quality evaluation

  • Optimizing and managing customs operations

  • Stock management near the assembly line

  • Storage of auto parts and order planning

Our unique network of 24 ferry routes on a fixed schedule, 55 ferries, 8 port terminals, 9,000 trailer and container units, and 8,000+ local ferry and auto logistics experts across the EU & UK will secure on-time delivery, every time.

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Outbound automotive logistics

As Europe’s top auto logistics providers, we focus on delivering the best customer experience and the best automotive logistics solutions. Some of the outbound solutions that we offer are:

  • Warehousing and storage

  • Inventory management

  • Transportation

  • Last mile delivery

Our expertise, infrastructure, and attention to detail ensure that your cargo is always in the right place at the right time.

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Equipment designed for your needs

  • We offer tailor-made automotive transport solutions for tractors, trucks, busses, chassis, and construction equipment.

  • Benefit from our asset-based 3PL solutions, including own vessels, trains, trailers, terminals, containers, and swap bodies.

  • We have modern vessels with hanging car decks.

  • Our box trailers all use digital on-board tracking for added security (TAPA certified).

  • Our pre-inspection delivery (PDI) facilities help your automotive cargo leave the terminal in the best condition.

  • We have designed trailer fleets with anti-slash curtains.


Digital tools to optimise your business​​

  • A dedicated DFDS Control Tower can manage the entire process, end-to-end. 

  • Your automotive cargo is 100% traceable in real-time. 

  • We offer integration solutions to increase efficiency in data management. 

  • Use the Online Warehouse Management System (WMS) Empirika to keep tabs on automotive stock and movements.

  • Modern tracking allows both the unit and the trailer to be independently tracked. Trailer temperatures can be viewed live or can be produced as a historical record for audits.

FAQs about the automotive industry

Automotive logistics is defined as the careful planning and execution of a difficult car transportation process. Auto logistics providers cover all modes of transportation, such as sea road and rail. Unlike other automotive logistics companies, DFDS has the best in class service with less 0.3% damage rate.

The automotive supply chain includes all inbound and outbound goods, services, and parts that are relevant to your company's operations.

The biggest challenge for the automotive supply chain, is visibility. The concern rate for the automotive sector is 81%, compared to 70% for all other industries.

Automotive suppliers are companies that produce goods that are used in the production phase of automobiles or become part of automobiles, supplying these either directly or indirectly to an automobile manufacturer (also known as an OEM).