Case study: Automotive Industry

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A large European automotive manufacturer was looking to achieve seamless planning, control, and visibility across their international, multi-modal, production and distribution network. They wanted to be able to proactively drive supply chain execution and enable full governance and control of complex processes across multiple modes and locations.

The automotive customer needed a Control Tower solution that could support high volume fluctuations and handle peaks as well as production stops. It had to be immensely reliable and precise, from pick up through delivery. They were looking for an automotive logistics partner with extensive knowledge about driving and sustaining complex supply chain logistics, who was easy to work with and who could offer a solution that worked around the clock.

DFDS automotive industry q1 2018


DFDS designed a Control Tower solution with 24/7 service that could handle the entire automotive production and delivery flow across sea and road. We invested in special equipment to suit the nature, volume, and speed of the supply chain, to ensure that everything runs smoothly and is shipped and delivered on time at every location along the way. Through the dedicated collaborative efforts of everyone involved, and the full use of all of DFDS’ capabilities and necessary assets, we not only won this tender but also extended and prolonged the contract with this large European automotive manufacturer.

DFDS truck entering terminal


The Control Tower provides the automotive manufacturer with complete visibility and command of their logistics flow. Together with us, our automotive customer has tightened and improved the way they manufacture and deliver new cars, maximising their capacity.

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