Forest products

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A modern fleet of vessels, such as Ro-Ro, sideport, and container vessels

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Innovative multimodal solutions

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Innovative mega cassette and equipment solutions

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Dedicated terminal, cross-docking, and warehousing

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Quote and book shipments, track and trace your cargo as well as manage all your documents in one place.

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We are forest product experts

The forest industry manufactures a vast range of semi-produced and finished products. Forest industry supply chains depend on innovative and cost-effective solutions that are transparent all the way. Short lead times, optimising stock, reliability, and cargo care can make or break the success of a forest industry manufacturer.

We have years of experience in handling and transporting all types of forest products.

The right equipment for forest products

  • Asset-based 3PL solutions including own vessels, trains, trailers, terminals, containers, and swap bodies

  • A modern fleet of vessels consisting of Ro-Ro, sideport and container vessels, and multimodal solutions

  • Innovative mega cassette and equipment solutions that optimise payload and cargo care

  • Rail and road distribution services

  • Dedicated terminal, cross-docking, and warehouse facilities

DFDS-GOT-AUG18 1127 dfds​

Our network – your strength

With a fleet of RoRo, RoPax, container vessels, and logistics routes across Europe, DFDS provides the forest product industry with access to one of Europe’s most comprehensive freight shipping and logistics networks.

We can transport any type of forest product out there, just the way you want it delivered. Our solid route network and assets make sure that your cargo arrives safely and on time, wherever you want it to go.

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Digital tools make it all run smoother

  • A dedicated DFDS Control Tower can manage the entire end-to-end forest products logistics process

  • Your forest cargo will be 100% traceable in real-time

  • Our streamlined IT solutions result in quicker forest cargo processing in the destination terminal

  • We offer EDI (Electronic Data Interchange) solutions, for more efficient data management

  • Our user-friendly booking systems help you to create, edit, and track your bookings quickly and easily

  • Use the Online Warehouse Management System (WMS) Empirika to keep tabs on stock and movements

  • Modern tracking allows both the unit and the trailer to be independently tracked, trailer temperatures can be viewed live, or can be produced as an historical record to satisfy audits.

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