Connectivity Solutions

Have full control of your business with self-service and integrated logistics solutions.

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Digital services for​ smarter logistics

DFDS offers digital solutions designed to upgrade your supply chain and add value to your entire logistics operation. We offer self-service and integrated logistics solutions such as API and EDI. Our integrated logistics support can help any business, by providing real-time data and insights to strengthen its supply chain.


Real-time track and trace


Booking of full and part loads


Easy customs clearance


...and much more

Self-service with DFDS Direct

Made for small and medium-sized businesses, DFDS Direct is a booking tool that gives you full control over your logistics processes from door-to-door. By combining key logistics functions into a single, streamlined platform, DFDS Direct enables the utmost efficiency in logistics management.

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Self-service with MyFreight​ 2

Made for small and medium-sized businesses, MyFreight 2 is a booking tool designed to save valuable administration time and improve workflow efficiency. It allows customers to create and manage bookings, add information and track their freight cargo in real time, from port-to-port.

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Integrated logistics

For medium and large-sized businesses, our standard integration is available as an API or EDI solution, depending on which option best meets your business’ needs. API integration is the simplest solution to ensure the fastest possible data flows. EDI integration is a commonly-used solution in the industry that also offers fast data exchange and high security.