Contract Logistics

DFDS Contract Logistics increases your efficiency with a range of services that optimise your supply chain and enable you to focus on growing your business.

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Efficient, cost-effective and flexible benefits

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Efficient integrated logistics

Get the services you need for a smoother supply chain which avoids long-term storage and downtime, and results in quicker, more efficient delivery of your goods.

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Increased delivery speed

We maximise your delivery speed and ensure reliability for your customers in a market that demands high level of customer service.

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Increased productivity

Save time, money, and resources by letting us handle your logistics. This means you can focus on your customers, grow your business, and boost productivity.

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Flexibility & modern facilities

Our services adapt to suit your needs with modern warehouses and IT systems to guarantee smooth operation and total efficiency.

Want to enhance your supply chain and boost business?

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Get efficient, integrated logistics from DFDS that take care of every supply chain service you need.


Get easy distribution with our experienced warehousing teams, modern, flexible facilities, and customer-focused solutions that are cost-effective, secure, and efficient.

  • Stock is tracked, audited, and managed for efficient order fulfilment

  • Increase supply chain flexibility

  • The ability to expand into new regions


Transport your goods with as little handling or storage time as possible. Our skilled team improves your supply chain performance with effective intake and distribution for rapid shipment.

  • Accelerate orders, reduce costs, and save time delivering products

  • Save time and resources on storing products

  • Minimal handling or storage time

Value Added Services

Enjoy tailored services to meet the exact needs of your business and increase the productivity of your supply chain.

  • Greater flexibility in workforce, space, and equipment

  • Get a team of experts to assist you in executing specialised projects

  • Tailor-made services for increased productivity

Expert support for specialised logistics demands

Work with our team of Contract Logistics specialists to combine the precise services your business needs to streamline supply chain performance.

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FAQs about contract logistics services

Contract logistics involves one corporation contracting resource management tasks to a third-party company. DFDS specializes in areas such as supply chain planning and development, warehousing, shipping, distributing products, order processing, payment collection, inventory management, and so on.

The main advantage of contract logistics is cost savings, primarily because it eliminates the need to create and operate costly logistical infrastructure. You can avoid the costs of shipping facilities, vehicles, packaging supplies, and so on, by farming out the work. It also allows you to focus more on your core business.

Contract logistics is a functional aspect of the storage and delivery of products kept in a warehouse while warehousing aims at the safe storage of products within a building. Both services fulfil functions within the supply chain of a business.

One of the main reasons why you should use our contract logistics services is the increased flexibility. As your contract logistics partner, we will handle volume increases and fluctuations efficiently. Other reasons are the improvement of your business practice and overall efficiency.