Freight forwarding services

Efficient freight solutions for your business

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Europe’s top freight forwarding company

As a leading freight forwarding company, DFDS offers comprehensive freight forwarding services that are essential to businesses of all sizes. From meticulously planning transportation routes to managing complex customs procedures,  

DFDS ensures that your goods are being transported seamlessly across various transportation modes. By leveraging our industry knowledge and negotiating power, we secure the best rates and terms, providing cost-effective solutions for all our clients.  

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Use DFDS as a freight forwarder

As an international freight forwarder, we can assist with all stages of the freight process, from packing and warehousing to customs procedures, taking some of the pressure and workload off you. Some of the freight solutions we provide are: 

  • Customs clearance 

  • International export and import documentation 

  • Insurance 

  • Packing 

  • Storage 

  • Inventory management 

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Work with a trusted freight forwarding company

As a freight forwarder, we coordinate and take responsibility for the transportation of your goods between one destination and another, across land, sea, trains, vessels and storage. We act as intermediaries who handle the freight process on your behalf, making the communication process more efficient: you only have to deal with one company. 

At DFDS we pride ourselves on being one of the best freight forwarders in Europe. We have an incredibly strong network and years of solid experience in the business. Use our knowledge and expertise to ensure that your goods arrive at the correct destination on time, saving time and money compared to if you were to do it on your own.

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Get a solid inbound and outbound logistics solution

Inbound logistics involves managing the entry of various products, such as raw materials and tools, into your warehouse, factory, or retail store. On the other hand, outbound logistics focuses on efficiently transporting finished products from your facilities for immediate use.  

For smooth cargo forwarding that focuses on cost-effectiveness, it is crucial to establish a well-defined process for both inbound and outbound logistics. Leveraging our extensive multimodal route network, we provide you with a versatile and reliable solution for your inbound and outbound logistics needs.