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Supply chain solutions for any business

At DFDS, the supply chain solutions are designed not only to meet the needs of your industry but the needs of your business. We invest in the technology, equipment, expertise, and facilities required for efficient operations and supply chain management across a range of industries. Customers use our supply chain services to proactively manage freight flows, reduce risks and disruptions, as well as enjoy greater visibility and real-time information. Some of the supply chain and logistics services DFDS provides are

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Supply chain management and logistics

Supply chain management (SCM) is essential for small and large businesses. At DFDS, we manage the flow of your goods and services, including the whole process that transforms your raw materials into final products. We actively streamline the supply chain activities of your business, to max up the customer value and give you a competitive advantage in the marketplace. Supply chain management can help you cut excess costs and deliver your products faster to the consumers. We are always looking for new ways to optimise our customers’ operations. Tell us about your supply chain challenges and we will find the best ways to resolve them and make the process smoothly.

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Warehousing solutions across the UK & EU

Our experienced teams, extensive and flexible warehousing facilities, as well as robust technology, combine to offer customer-focused solutions that are cost-effective, secure, and efficient.

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Staffing and Recruitment

Finding the right fit within logistics and industry is not always easy. Professionals are here to change that. We use the latest and most innovative recruitment techniques to attract top performers in your industry. We offer flexible solutions for today and tomorrow. Let us help you aim high with your next recruitment or staffing solution.


FAQs about supply chain solutions

Supply chain is simply defined as the network of all the organizations, individuals, processes and technologies that contribute to the creation and selling of a product.

Supply chain solutions represents a business segment that allows customers to improve the satisfaction of their clients and the shareholder value, by reducing costs and enhancing supply chain performance.

The main difference between supply chain and logistics is that logistics refers to the process of integration and maintenance of products whithin an organization while supply chain management deals with the management and coordination process of the organization’s supply chains.

Supply chain management can be defined as the administration of the whole production flow of goods and services, from raw components to delivery of the end product to the customer.

The supply chain management is important because it administrates everything from goods to any unpredicted natural disaster. Businesses, large or small have their logistics managed by reliable supply chain management companies.