Put your business on the fast track with steady sustainable transport

Our rail solutions integrate seamlessly with our road and sea transport solutions to help businesses save time, cut costs and reduce carbon emissions.

Intermodal transport 2022

Enhance your supply chain with rail solutions

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Efficient intermodal transport

With our rail service linked to sea and road routes, and containers compatible with trucks and ships, you can seamlessly combine rail with other methods for effective transport.

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Cost efficient

Rarely affected by fuel surcharges and fluctuations in oil prices, rail is a highly affordable transport solution – especially for long-haul journeys.

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High quality and reliable service

Rail is a 24/7 operation and is managed by railway authorities, which leads to efficient and timely transport and makes it an excellent add on to road and sea transport.

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Shipping high volumes of freight and offering more and more electric solutions, transport via rail is a fuel efficient and sustainable mode of cargo shipping.

Connect your business with the European rail corridors

With our service and expertise, you can get the most out of a European-wide rail network and benefit from reliable, cost-effective and CO2 efficient transport.

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Explore our rail products

Whether you’re an international business shipping regularly or a smaller company with specific cargo needs, we offer rail products to meet any transport challenge.

Spot Booking

With a Spot Booking shipment, you get the flexibility to book your shipment whenever it suits your business. It works for customers who can’t guarantee when their shipments will come through.

Only commit to the bookings you need

A sustainable solution because your shipment will be added onto a train that is already in motion, without needing to book a truck.

Company Train

With our Company Train, you get an entire train, with a schedule, equipment, wagon types and more – all customised to your specific demands. Furthermore, you get expert advice from our consultancy team.

Tailored to the specific needs of your business

"Control tower solution" with dedicated point of contact and 24/7 track & trace

High reliability due to being independent of other customers

Regular Business

Our Regular Business product is adapted to customers who send the same amount of goods regularly via the same train line. With this product, you share the train with others, but we always guarantee space for your shipment.

High reliability due to guaranteed shipment space and easy supply chain planning

Optimized Intermodal connections to complement your regular business

Can be agreed both with and without slot commitment