Logistics solutions

Delivering your goods, in the right quantity, at the right time and in the right place.

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Keep your business moving with DFDS logistics

DFDS provides logistics solutions and special expertise for your businesses located in the UK and throughout Europe. Our goal is to optimize your supply chain and help you surpass your competition. Thanks to our tailor-made logistics services and on-time transportation network, your business will get a competitive head start. Stay compliant with our customs clearance services and streamline your customs processes with hassle-free solutions that fit your business’ needs. DFDS has a unique network of 24 ferry routes on a fixed schedule, 55 ferries, 8 port terminals, 9,000 trailer and container units, and 8,000+ local ferry and logistics management experts across Europe and Türkiye will secure on-time delivery, every time.

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Logistics solutions for your industry

Our logistics and personalized supply chain solutions are designed not only to meet the demands of the industry you are in, but also the needs of your business. Some of the industries that rely on DFDS every day are:

Automotive Cold Chain Forestry Metals Chemicals FMCG & Retail

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Integrated transport and logistics

At DFDS, we strive to be the best integrator of container logistics in Europe & UK. No matter what your industry, product, or target market is, we have freight logistics solutions that allow both small and large businesses to flourish. We provide road transport services, sea freight services and rail transport services for your business. All these transportation services are designed to meet your specific requirements - whether you need to transport a full load, part-load or arrange multimodal logistics services, you can definitely count on DFDS.

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Innovative supply chain solutions

With DFDS you get supply chain solutions tailored to the needs of your specific business. We offer 3pl logistics, 4pl solutions and supply chain services for a broad range of industries. Use our API integrated logistics solutions to track the location of your goods every step of the way. This way you have the necessary overview to optimize your daily planning and the flow of your supply chain. With our effective warehousing and logistics solutions, the stability and health of your supply chain are guaranteed.

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Full and part loads

It does not matter if you are willing to transport full loads or part loads, DFDS will always find the most relevant and cost-effective solution for your business.


Special cargo

Extensive special cargo fleet with extendable flatbed trailers, regular and also extendable semi low loaders, standard and mega flatbed trailers & more.


Multimodal transport

Strategically placed terminals, ferry routes on a fixed schedule and high-frequency rail services will assure the best multimodal transport solution for your cargo.

Get easy customs clearance and keep your business moving

Taking care of customs doesn't need to be complicated. Choose an expert partner and simplify your customs processes with no-hassle solutions that suit your needs.

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EU mobility package for drivers

The EU mobility package is a three-part collection of initiatives meant to streamline the governing, administration and operation of the transport industry across all EU member states. The impacted areas will include driving and rest periods, posting of drivers, cabotage, access to the road transport industry and tachographs.

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FAQs about logistics services

Logistics services involve the planning, implementation, and control of the efficient movement and storage of goods, services, and information within the supply chain. As one of the largest logistics company in the UK, DFDS helps business to optimize their supply chain, reduce costs, and enhance customer satisfaction.

An integrated logistics solution is an end-to-end logistics service. In DFDS we provide integrated logistics service activities like road, sea, warehousing and rail transportation.

Logistics management is a key component of the supply chain that helps businesses that deal with product production, transportation, warehousing, and delivery enhance their sales and profitability.

DFDS logistics covers most industries, including automotive, forestry, metals and cold chain. We are also strong in fast-moving consumer goods (FMCG) and retail as well as high-value and refuse-derived fuel (RDF).

The time for each shipment varies on the type of goods being transported and location. Request a quote from our experts.