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As the Nordics embark on a new era of development, the construction industry needs a logistics partner with an inherent connection to the region. With a comprehensive transport network, solutions spanning the entire supply chain and a deep-rooted understanding of the Nordic construction industry, DFDS is the logistics partner to help your business build better.


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Garda Anleggsikring: The ideal supply chain partner

Garda Anleggsikring is Norway’s leading provider of mobile security systems. Founded in 2012, Garda Anleggsikring imports materials from all over the world to deliver a variety of fencing and security solutions to the Norwegian construction industry. Working together to solve a supply chain challenge, we helped Garda Anleggsikring minimise the resources spent on freight, save costs and cut emissions by reducing the number of trucks needed for transport.

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Working with a temporary fencing manufacturer based in Rotherham, England, Garda Anleggsikring faced difficulty delivering these products to its construction clients. Delivery direct to building sites has historically been challenging, and the manufacturer’s strict, time-slot oriented schedule only compounded the issue, as it meant all Garda Anleggsikring’s export deliveries needed to be picked up in the evening or at night. Carrying out 190 semi-trailer pickups a year from this supplier, the tight window for pickups proved difficult to accommodate.


We began by taking over all communication with the fencing supplier and setting up a day-to-day planning system to streamline the pickups. Tailoring the system to fit with the supplier’s rigid schedule, we also took on the task of reporting and solving errors directly with the supplier. We standardised the shipments to simplify the pickup process, recommended Garda Anleggsikring use mega trailers for the transport and ultimately showed our experience and reliability in delivering to hard-to-reach building sites without any issues.


Our parternship minimised the resources spent on freight, saved costs and cut emissions by reducing the number of trucks needed for transport. Garda Anleggsikring now uses mega trailers for all its shipments from the UK. Following this collaboration, Garda Anleggsikring brought us on as a full-time strategic partner. We now provide them annual logistics audits, offer advice on how to lower expenses, and give recommendations for freight services based on Garda Anleggssikring’s unique needs.

3PL warehousing for your business

Inbound logistics deal with what you get into your warehouse, factory, or retail store, like raw materials and tools. Outbound logistics is about moving end-products ready for use, out of your facilities.

It is vital to have clear and solid inbound and outbound logistics processes if you want to run an efficient operation and keep costs down. We use our extensive, multimodal route network to give you a flexible and stable inbound and outbound logistics solution.

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