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Optimising shipping while minimising damage

ArcelorMittal faced challenges shipping their steel coils to customers in the UK. They approached DFDS to devise a solution that would streamline their logistics and reduce damage during transportation.


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Navigating troubled waters

ArcelorMittal faced some frustrating logistical issues shipping their steel coil from the Continent to their customers in the North West of England. East coast ports such as Port Sutton Bridge have capacity limits due to low water and a lack of trucks able to carry steel coil west.

arcelor map cropped
Blue and white map of the UK and Northern Europe showing the Arcelormittal client base with two blue arrows pointing from Immingham. Points on the map include Port Sutton Bridge, Dunkirk, Ghent, Liege and Bremen


One facility, many opportunities

To solve the issue, we recommended ArcelorMittal take advantage of our steel terminal in Immingham. It’s the ideal solution to meet their high-volume shipping needs as our wide range of assets on site ensure a high level of flexibility and safe handling.

Two 35-tonne capacity magnet cranes minimise the risk of damage to coils during unloading and loading, while easy access to rail and road ensures hassle-free shipping onwards.

The Immingham terminal accommodates vessels up to 20,000 tonnes – considerably more than the smaller east coast ports. It also features 100-tonne capacity harbour cranes, a heated warehouse and a highly experience team available seven days a week to assist ArcelorMittal when needed.

ArcelorMittal infographic, case study
Group of four DFDS icons in dark blue, light blue and grey. From left to right the first depicts a ship with the text above, the next is a crane with text on the side, then an icon of a warehouse with text above and lastly a magnet crane icon with text on the left side.

A smooth, co-ordinated process

This is how it works: We orchestrate the shipping of ArcelorMittal’s steel coils to the port and move them to the warehouse, or directly onto our road and rail assets as requested on 24/48 hour call off. We ship off 4-5 trains a week, each carrying up to 1200 tonnes of steel coil on 10-12 wagons. Additionally, we have road capacity in Immingham to ship coil on trucks with well deck trailers.

Metal case study Solutions 2
Group of four DFDS icons in dark blue, light blue, grey and white colours. From left to right, the first icon is a train wagon with text above, the next is a calendar with text below, then a icon of a DFDS trailer with text above and lastly a picture of the front of a train with a clock and text above.


Higher volumes, less risk

ArcelorMittal have steadily increased their volumes since making use of the Immingham steel terminal. One significant advantage for the company is the terminal’s magnetic cranes which minimise the risk of damaging the coils.

“Because we use magnetic cranes for handling the coil in our warehouse, we have a very low level of damage to the coils. With the demands of the automotive industry, there is a zero tolerance towards damaged coils, so these low damage rates are very important, not only to ArcelorMittal, but across the supply chain.”

- Ian Penistone, Operations Director