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We provide automotive logistics and supply chain solutions in Europe. Enjoy the benefits of a dedicated industry expert team, specialized equipment, high-frequency shipping schedules and digital technology to support your business.

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With a fleet of Ro-Ro, Ro-Pax, container vessels and logistics routes across Europe, DFDS provides access for the automotive industry to one of Europe’s most comprehensive freight shipping and logistics networks.

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  • Leaner and more agile supply chain solutions
  • Shorter lead times for new vehicles
  • Best in class service with less than 0.3% damage rate
  • Dedicated after-sales service support


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Delivering far more than A to B

In DFDS, we provide you with both inbound and outbound logistics. Whether it’s shipping automotive parts to the factory or transporting vehicles to the dealership, we got you covered.

Our just-in-time delivery concept ensures that automotive parts arrive in time and in the right sequence for the assembly line in your factory.

Your cargo in experienced hands

DFDS' team of automotive industry experts fully understands your demands. We can easily adapt to your needs, offering not only traditional transport services, but also innovative and tailor-made solutions.

Our just-in-time solutions make sure your cargo is always in the right place at the right time.

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Ficaria Seaways and truck parts  

Equipment designed for your needs

  • We offer tailor-made transport solutions for tractors, trucks, busses, chassis and construction equipment.
  • Asset-based 3PL solutions including own vessels, trains, trailers, terminals, containers and swap bodies.
  • We have modern ships with hanging car decks.
  • Our box trailers all use digital on-board tracking for added security (TAPA certified).
  • PDI facilities for your cargo to leave the terminal in best condition.
  • We have designed trailer fleets with anti-slash curtains.


​​Digital tools to optimize your business​​

  • A dedicated DFDS Control Tower can manage the entire process end-to-end.
  • Your cargo will be 100% traceable in real-time.
  • We deliver streamlined IT solutions for quicker cargo processing when it reaches its destination terminal.
  • We offer EDI (Electronic Data Interchange) solutions to increase efficiency in data management.
  • Our user-friendly booking systems My DFDS Logistics and My DFDS Freight will help you to create, edit and track your bookings quickly and easily.​


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You can specify your transport needs and we will provide you with a rate, according to your cargo size, type and delivery details.

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