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At DFDS we understand the need to keep things simple and transparent. So whether your shipment is going across the Channel, the North Sea, or to the Baltics, you can access your DFDS booking online whenever you need to.


DFDS book-and-track system

Book and track

For control and visibility 24/7 when using our Immingham - Rotterdam and Felixstowe - Rotterdam routes, rely on our book-and-track system to create, edit or cancel a booking, download a report and track your shipment. If you do not currently have an account please use the contact form below to request one.

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Phoenix Web

Manage your cross-Channel orders and track a shipment via Phoenix Web online booking.

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Terms of business

When booking with us, please make sure you are aware of our terms of business as well as the terms of use of this web site and associated online services.


Booking systems



Save time and effort via InfoBridge with easy access to:

  • Simplified and efficient booking routines
  • Tracing of units
  • Relevant reports and invoices 24 hrs daily access
  • If you would like access to InfoBridge please contact a DFDS Seaways representative at the local offices.

Your account

​If you don't have an account with us, please contact your local DFDS representative to request one. Alternatively, contact us by email using the form on this page.

Electronic invoicing and self-billing

DFDS Seaways help customers process invoices with fewer errors using electronic invoicing where our IT systems update the customers system with invoice data.

DFDS can also support self billing.

Rely on DFDS to optimise your freight shipping

With one of Europe’s largest shipping companies you are assured of a reliable schedule and high-frequency services. Please use the contact form below to submit a query or to ask about setting up an account.

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