​​​​​​​​​​​Dover - Dunkirk

Our fleet of three D Class vessels, the Dunkerque Seaways, the Dover Seaways and the Delft Seaways provide a service primarily for driver-accompanied freight.

Crossing the Channel with up to 12 departures per day in both directions with a crossing time of approximately 2 hours.

Every freight customer can choose to either pre-book on scheduled departures, reserve open bookings or arrive at the port - book and ship on the next available departure.


Schedule ​

Departures every 2 hours every weekday with exceptions during the weekends. 

Please find the current schedule for Dover - Dunkirk​​​​.​​

Note that all times were correct at the time of publishing and are subject to change.

  • ​All unaccompanied trailers must be checked in 1 1/2 hours prior to scheduled time of departure. 
  • Collection of unaccompanied trailers must be preceded by a release note to authorize collection at the port of arrival.
  • Time specific accompanied & non-hazardous traffic must be checked in no later than 1 hour before scheduled departure.
  • An excess width surcharge will be applied to all vehicles greater than 2.5mtr wide. (Please see abnormal loads for further details)
Important Information – Upcoming A20 Roadworks 
This year there will be two junction improvements on the A20 at the Prince of Wales and York Street roundabouts, beginning 8 February and being completed before the 2016 Christmas period. 

Additionally, we would recommend freight traffic follows the A20 as normal, but tourist customers may wish to travel via the M2/A2. If customers use the M20/A20, then they should use the right hand lane on the approach to Dover.


Dover port, Eastern Docks, Ferry Terminal, Dover, Kent. CT16 1JA, United Kingdom

Customer services:
Tel. 0044 1304 874226

Freight sales:
Tel. 0044 1304 874221

Reservations & operations out of hours:
Tel. 0044 1304 874001


Terminal Car-Ferry, Port 5670, route de la maison blanche, 59279 Loon - Plage, France​​

Tel: +33 (0) 3 28 28 95 50

Operations supervisor
​Tel: +33 (0) 3 28 28 95 37

Customer services:
(Mon-Fri 09h00/17h00)
+33 (0)

​​Or get in touch by email.

Port security

  • Border controls (French police/French customs/United Kingdom border forces) 
  • Freight inspection facilities (CO2 control, dog patrols) 
  • Meets ISPS requirements 

Hazardous cargo

  • All vehicles carrying dangerous goods must have least 2 lashing rings attached to each side the main frame of the chassis, or sufficient lashing points to enable secure lashing to the ships deck. For further information on this please visit following link​​. If the vehicle does not comly with the IMO/MCA rules for transport of hazardous goods on Ro-Pax vessels
  • DFDS Seaways reserve the right to apply surcharges for the carriage of any hazardous shipments.
  • All vehicles carrying hazardous goods MUST be pre advised 4 hours prior to vehicle arriving at the port of departure
  • Pre-booked hazardous traffic must be checked in 2 hours prior to scheduled time of departure.
    All unaccompanied trailers must be checked in 1 1/2 hours prior to scheduled time of departure.
  • Time-specific accompanied & non-hazardous traffic must be checked in 1 hour before departure

Abnormal loads

An abnormal load shipping via Dover/Dunkirk is anything that EXCEEDS ANY of the following:

  • A width greater than 3.2 metres
  • A length greater than 22 metres
  • A height exceeding 4.8 metres
  • A weight greater than 44 tonnes

An excess width surcharge will be applied to all vehicles greater 2.5 metres.  

Application is required 24 hrs prior to schedule time of departure & details are to be faxed to port of departure:


For assistance please call +44 (0) 1304 874001

Onboard services

We have combined our experience as both a ferry operator and an international road haulier to provide a service designed specifically for the freight market with the speed, comfort and service our customers expect and value. 

DFDS fully understand and appreciate the needs of our freight customers, therefore whilst onboard our vessels we are pleased to offer the Road Kings lounge and restaurant as designated accommodation for our freight drivers.
Every Freight driver and their co drivers can enjoy a free main meal onboard in the Road Kings restaurant, free shower facilities, hot and cold drinks and Wifi access.

In addition to this we are now very pleased to make the purchasing of AGES Eurovignette certificates available for sale on all vessels both to Dunkirk and Calais, along with supporting the purchase of the UK Levy.