​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​Klaipeda - Copenhagen - Fredericia

This route provides services between Lithuania and Denmark. The vessel, Botnia Seaways, peforms two roundtrips per week. She is a conventional RO-RO cargo vessel having 3 cargo decks accessible by internal ramps and completes the route twice a week. 

The cargo mix on this route includes RO-RO activities such as trailers, trailers, driver accompanied or non-accompained truck-trailers, containers on mafi's. excavators, tractors, combine and various agro machinery. The cargo mix also includes LO-LO activities such loading containers directly onto weather deck.

Access from terminal – Fredericia: Access to Jutland, which represents the entire Western part of Denmark, as well as access to the island of Funen in the centre of Denmark.

Access from terminal – Copenhagen: Access to Zealand, which represents the Eastern part of Denmark, as well as access to southwestern Sweden.

Access from terminal – Klaipeda: Easy access to the Southern and Central Baltic States as well as Russia.




From Fredericia

Departures Tuesdays at 20.30 arrive in Copenhagen on Wednesdays at 08.00 and Klaipeda on Thursdays at 05.00.

Departures Saturdays at 00.30 arrive in Copenhagen on Saturdays at 13.00 and Klaipeda on Sundays at 13.00.  

From Klaipeda

Departures Thursdays at 11.00 arrive in Copenhaen on Friday at 07.00 and Fredericia at 18.30 on Fridays.

Departures Sundays at 21.00 arrive in Copenhagen at 18.00 on Mondays and Fredericia at 6.00 on Tuesdays.




+45  7620 6710​

DFDS Seaways Terminal Copenhagen, Dampfærgevej 32, 2100 Copenhagen, Denmark


+45 7620 6710

Email: DKLT@dfds.com

Port of Fredericia, Oldenborggade 1C/2, 7000 Fredericia, Danmark 


+370 46 395 046

Email: LTDK@dfds.com​​

 ​Klaipeda - International Ferry Port, Perkelos Str. 10, 93270, Lithuania 


For general enquires, please use the following link:  get in touch 


​​Check-in time / DEADLINES

General deadline/closing for check-in is always two hours prior to departure.

Latest arrival time of hazardous cargo units before departure: 

Thursday departure : Thursday at 05:00 (local time)
Sunday departure : Sunday at 13:00 (local time)
Wednesday departure : Tuesday at 17:00 (local time)
Saturday departure : Friday at 17:0​​0 (local time)
Tuesday departure : Tuesday at 15:30 (local time)
Saturday departure : Friday at 18:30 (local time)


Botnia Seaways offers double cabin accommodation with breakfast, lunch and dinner at usual Scandinavian quality. Single passengers ma​y be required to share double cabin with other passengers due to limited amount of cabins.

Hazardous cargo

Pre-advice of the hazardous cargo is made minimum 24 hours prior to departure, with information on Haz class and UN. nr.
IMDG form is fully issued, signed by issuer as well as by packer of the hazardous cargo, according to the IMO codex.

Once above is received, stowage category, segregation requirements is evaluated, and accepted if in compliance with the general IMO codex. Final acceptance of the hazardous cargo, exclusively is subject to the general IMO codex requirements are met in full. 
Latest booking time for hazardous cargo: 

Thursday departure : Tuesday at 11:00 (local time) 
Sunday departure : Friday at 15:00 (local time) 
Wednesday departure : Tuesday at 08:00 (local time) 
Saturday departure : Friday at 14:00 (local time) 
Tuesday departure ​​: Tuesday at 14:00 (local time) 
Saturday departure : Friday at 00:30 (local time) 

Any unit carrying dangerous goods must arrive at the terminal no later than as Check-in Time / Deadline guidelines in order to ensure compliance with stowage segregation and thus enabling shipment.​​