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Form a special bond with stunning surroundings and a close-knit specialist team.

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about/careers-seafarers, Card 1 There is no such thing

There's no such thing as just another day at work

Life at sea is a journey of development. We give you the support to strengthen your expertise and rise to the challenge.

about/careers-seafarers, Card 2 enjoy a remarkable

Enjoy a remarkable workplace

You'll enjoy all the rewards of being part of a close-knit team - a meaningful role within an extended family away from home.

about/careers-seafarers, Card 3 Good career more than a job

A good career is more than a job

A good career is more than a job. You’ll have the opportunity to explore the world, work with a diverse group of people and gain valuable skills that will last a lifetime.

Karolina Mazonaite, 3rd Officer, Luna Seaways

"Working on board is an exciting experience. Every day we face challenges head-on, meet new people, and use all of our skills to deal with situations which require a lot of responsibility. It gives you an opportunity to grow as a person."

about/career-seafarers, Karolina Mazonaite

Eddie Monaghan, Head of Reception and Sales, Cote Des Dunes, Calais/Dover

"As we are at sea for two weeks at a time, we have a second family onboard. We have a wonderful atmosphere and a large amount of trust between us."

about/career-seafarers, Eddie Monaghan

Kirils Mamedovs, Cook, Dunkerque route, Dover

"I have experience working on different types of ships, but what I really like about DFDS is our rotation: we have two weeks on board and two weeks off. It's the perfect balance between work and private life with family."

about/career-seafarers, Kirils Mamedovs