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When the wind changes, you can adapt and thrive

A dynamic and challenging workplace requires someone who can think on their feet. We empower you to rise to the challenge.

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A good career is more than a job​

Life at sea can be unique and rewarding. Enjoy a meaningful role in a remarkable workplace with the benefits of extended periods of home life.

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There’s no such thing as just another day at work

We offer an extraordinary work environment that requires a special bond with your colleagues.

Meet Karolina Mazonaite

Karolina is a 2nd officer who works on Luna Seaways, which sails between Karlshamn in Sweden and Klaipeda in Lithuania.  As a 2nd officer, Karolina is responsible for the cargo on board the vessel. 

"Working on board is an exciting experience. Every day, we face challenges head-on, meet new people and use all our skills to deal with situations which require a lot of responsibility. It gives you an opportunity to grow as a person." 

When we ask Karolina to describe how it is to work as a seafarer at DFDS, she answers: “I meet a lot of nice, helpful, and positive people here. We are all working as a community. In my experience, we tend to build the best workplace environment possible.​” 

​“The best thing here, I think, is the experience you can get. Something new and out of the ordinary can happen every day, and after some time, you begin to feel confident enough that you can and will deal with the unexpected. That is what I value the most - the challenges that make you grow.”

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Meet Eddie Monaghan

Eddie is Head of Reception and Sales, and he works on Côte d‘Albâtre - which sails between Dieppe in France and Newhaven in England. 

“Working as a seafarer at DFDS is different to any other job I’ve done before with very different hours. As we are at sea for two weeks at a time, we have a second family onboard. We have a wonderful atmosphere and a large amount of trust between us.” ​ 

​When we ask Eddie what he would like to say to people considering a career at DFDS: 

“The thing I value the most is the chance we have, to meet so many different types of customers and talk to them. For me, it is important to help all our customers to have the best experience possible while onboard.  

What I find the most exciting about working on board is the buzz of a very busy crossing and the large number of passengers we transport each day.​ No two days are alike.”

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Meet Aslı Şimşek

Aslı works as Chief Engineer at Assos Seaways, which sails between Pendik in Türkiye and Trieste in Italy.  

“The most exciting thing about my job is the pleasure of encountering different tasks and challenges and completing the job successfully at the end of the day.” 

Aslı is the first female Chief Engineer at DFDS, and we asked her about her experience: 

“As a woman working in this male-dominated industry, I was concerned if I would experience any disadvantages. Luckily, these thoughts were completely eliminated when I started working at DFDS. On the contrary, I feel that DFDS is paving the way for me and other females in the industry, and I feel supported in my development, which is why I am now a Chief Engineer.” 

“What I value as a priority in my work is safety. To create a safe working environment, you need a team that works in harmony. Harmony within the team can only be created with respect and trust between team members.” 

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