Move things on

Let's get things moving together.​ Be part of a diverse and talented team, giving you the room to be yourself.​

DFDS-GOT-AUG18 1065 DFDS Career areas Operational Staff
SNB 0067 ship workers, Careers Operational Staff page, Cards section, 1st card

Be yourself. Be part of the team​.

Be a valued member of a diverse team at DFDS and help drive change together.

emmy 210601 0401 tugmaster, Careers Operational Staff page, Cards section, 2nd card

There’s no such thing as another day at work.​

We offer an extraordinary work environment that requires a special bond with your colleagues.

2H0A4203 worker inside warehouse, Careers Operational Staff page, Cards section, 3rd card

We move things on, together.

We value you as a vital part of the critical infrastructure - and an equal member of DFDS.

Be part of the movement

Join our colleagues at the terminals and the warehouses and help us provide safe, reliable and efficient movement of goods.​

We are proud of our role as part of the critical infrastructure serving customers and communities across Europe and further afield. ​

We want you to play a part.​

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