Life at DFDS

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Our shared commitment

From men and women at sea, truck drivers and office staff to IT system developers, we are more than 12,000 colleagues, all committed to transforming our business into a greener and more digitised operation. We are proud of our role in critical infrastructure serving communities across Europe and further afield. Join DFDS. Be part of the movement.

Be the Change

We believe in progress. Our eyes are firmly fixed on the horizon, our collective challenges and what the future will bring. We embrace new ideas and the latest tools and technology to help us towards a greener and more ditigised operation. We're not afraid of breaking new territory and learning by doing.

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Our values

Our values guide the actions we take and the decisions we make. From the ports in Istanbul to our headquarters in Copenhagen, they ensure we move forward as one company both on land and at sea.

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We care

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We serve our customers with passion

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We listen before making decisions

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We do what we say we'll do

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If we see a problem, we fix it

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We learn develop and improve every day

Our teams on land and at sea

Be yourself

We know that the strongest teams are built on diversity and inclusivity. Contrasting opinions, varied skills and strong characters bring out the best in us all. That’s why we’ll encourage you to be an integral part of a diverse and talented team, giving you the room to be yourself and excel in what you enjoy most.

We also like to keep things friendly and informal without getting competitive. Because we also know that if you’re happy and feel good about your work, we all stand to benefit.​

Grow with us

While you’re with us, we want you to move yourself on. We’ll encourage you to acquire new skills and perspectives. We’ll help you test yourself and feel the satisfaction of new responsibilities.

Don’t hold back. Explore yourself and your career, knowing we’ll support you​,

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Learning and development

From personal development and leadership training to scholarships and top performers programs - we have learning and development opportunities at all levels. When you are ready to explore new territory, we’ll support your journey within DFDS.

Talent programmes dedicated to developing and retaining DFDS high potential talents across the whole organisation

Training for everyone focusing on strenghtening project or stakeholder management skills

Leadership trainings for new managers and advanced leaders with multiple direct reports